Prehistorians Round the Pond: Reflections on Aegean Prehistory as a Discipline [Paperback]

John Cherry (Author);Despina Margomenou (Author);Lauren E. Talalay (Author);L. E. Talalay (Editor);P. J. Cherry (Author);D. Margomenou (Author)

ISBN: 9780974187310 | Published by: Kelsey Museum of Archaeology | Year of Publication: 2005 | Language: English 179p, 30 b/w figs, 11 bs

Prehistorians Round the Pond


This volume represents a pioneering examination of the nature and identities of Aegean prehistory as a discipline. Emerging from a workshop that generated lively debate among a wide cross-section of scholars, it offers one of the first published attempts to situate Aegean prehistory within a modern self-critical and reflexive context. The chapters and commentaries together yield a multidisciplinary discourse, covering such topics as the current health and academic status of the field, the political and social parameters of the discipline, the relationship between Aegean prehistory and Hellenism, and the discovery of the "Aegean" by Greek modernists.

Contents: Reflections on the "Aegean" and its Prehistory: Present Routes and Future Destinations; "Just the Facts Ma'am": Surveying Aegean Prehistory's State of Health; A Profile of Aegean Prehistorians in the 1990s; The Landscapes of Modern Greek Aegean Archaeology; Embedding Aegean Prehistory in Institutional Practice: A View from One of its North American Centers; The Aegean Prehistorian's Role in Classical Studies Today; Greek Modernists' Discovery of the Aegean, or How the Aegean Came to Occupy Greece's Center; Round a Bigger Pond; On Our Political Relevance?; Whither Aegean Prehistory?

Reviews & Quotes

"On the whole, the book raises important points...[is] easy to read and navigate and serves its purpose practically..."
Athena Hadji
Bryn Mawr Classical Review (2006)

"...a convenient synthesis of the state of the field of Aegean prehistory written by a variety of scholars from the United States, Greece, and the United Kingdom.(...)This is a very enjoyable text by well-read contributors with much to say about their field of study. Overall it is a useful book for Aegean prehistorians looking to situate themselves and their work within the field; it also valuable reading for classicists who have longed been intrigued by the field that never ceases to fascinate.'"
Brendan Burke
American Journal of Archaeology Online Book Review (July 2007)

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