TEL ANAFA II, ii: Glass Vessels, Lamps, Objects of Metal, and Groundstone and Other Stone Tools and Vessels [Hardback]

Andrea Berlin (Editor); Sharon C. Herbert (Editor)

ISBN: 9780974187372 | Published by: Kelsey Museum of Archaeology | Year of Publication: 2012 | Language: English 482p, more than 10 plates and figures, one color plate
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Ten seasons of excavation at Tel Anafa (at the foot of the Golan Heights in the Upper Galilee of modern Israel) revealed the remains of a rich and remarkably well-preserved Hellenistic settlement showing great cultural and ethnic diversity. The richness of the finds, coupled with the clear chronological context and careful recording techniques employed by the excavators, have made Tel Anafa extremely valuable to all those interested in the Hellenistic world, providing a rare opportunity to study Greek culture in direct contact with Phoenician. Indeed, for many bodies of Hellenistic material, Tel Anafa serves as a typological and chronological “type site,” presenting a broader and more closely dated range of material than ever before possible. This volume covers the glass from the excavation, including many expensive glass drinking vessels, as well as the lamps, metal objects and stone tools and vessels.

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