The Study of Ancient Territories: Chersonesos and Metaponto: 2004 Annual Report [Paperback]

Joseph Coleman Carter (Author)

ISBN: 9780974833415 | Published by: Institute of Classical Archaeology | Year of Publication: 2006 | Language: English 90p, b/w illus

The Study of Ancient Territories


The 2004 Annual Report of the archaeological and research activities of The Institute of Classical Archaeology in Metaponto, Italy and at Chersonesos in Crimea, Ukraine, edited by Dr. Joseph C. Carter, Director of the Institute, consists of 90 pages and includes both color and black and white photos.

Table of Contents

1) 2004 in Retrospect (Joseph Coleman Carter, Director, Institute of Classical Archaeology); 2) Chersonesos: Excavations in the South Region of Chersonesos (Adam Rabinowitz and Larissa Sedikova); Color Plates I & II; Preliminary Report of Anthropological Research: Burials from the Chapel (Renata J. Henneberg and Denis Ponomarev); Paleoethnobotanical Investigations at Chersonesos (Galina A. Pashkevich); Faunal Material from Bezymyannaya, 1998 and 2000 (Aleksey K. Kasparov); Pre-Greek Population on the Heraclean Peninsula: Ceramic Analysis (Evelina Kravchenko); Site Conservation (Chris Cleere); Site Condition Survey (Chris Cleere and Jessica Trelogan); Object Conservation (Chris Cleere); Conservation of the Basilica (Church) Mosaic (Duygu Cleere); Conservation of the Hellenistic Stelai (Chris Cleere); Chersonesos Museum: Survey of Storage and Display Facilities (Robert Howell); Research on the Stelai and Grave Monuments from Chersonesos (Richard Posamentir and Christina Lippert); GIS Recording Methods for Conservation at Chersonesos (Jessica Trelogan); Pidtrymka Chersonesu in 2004 (Taissa Bushnell); 3) Metaponto: Field Survey of the Metapontino: Progress on Volume I (Alberto Prieto); Incorporating the Advice of Experts in GIS Analysis (Peter Dana); Activities at the Centro di Agroarchaeologia, Pantanello (Rosetta Torraco); Personnel & Publications.

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