Margaret Beaufort: Mother of the Tudor Dynasty [Hardback]

Elizabeth Norton (Author)

ISBN: 9781445601427 | Published by: Amberley Publishing | Year of Publication: 2010 | 255p, col pls

Margaret Beaufort


A narrative account of Margaret Beaufort's (1443-1509) extraordinary life, and its twists and turns, framed by an image with which she was all too familiar - the wheel of fortune. Norton shows that Margaret was in no way a passive participant in the turbulent politics of the later fifteenth century, actively conspiring against the Yorkist dynasty in the interests of her son, who with his victory at Bosworth (aided by Margaret's husband Lord Stanley), became King as Henry VII. She also examined the ways in which Marget was able to wield real influence at court during her son's helping him to consolidate his power.

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