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Mapping out Viking Place-names in East Anglia: Looking for Patterns of Settlement and Migration

What’s in a name? Discover what the Scandinavian-influenced place names of East Anglia can reveal about Viking migration in the region with this blog, in which David Boulton charts out…

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Reading Recommendations for the Aspiring Archaeologist

Are you just starting, or about to start your studies in archaeology? Do you know someone who is? We’ve assembled a glittering hoard of reading essentials; the perfect preparation for…

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A Battle Lost – or Won? Commemorating the Last Battle Between the Independent Kingdoms of Scotland and England

Today (10th September) marks the anniversary of The Battle of Pinkie, the last military altercation between Scotland and England as independent nations. However, despite the significance of this clash, it…

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Looking for books from other publishers?

The distribution of our books and those of publishers we previously represented moved to our friends at Casemate UK (a Pen & Sword company) in September 2022. We made this change to provide an even better service for our former distribution clients and to allow us to focus on our publishing programme. You can find books by Oxbow, Windgather and our former distribution clients on the Casemate UK website.

New series announcement:
Oxbow Classics in Egyptology

We have embarked on an ambitious project to reissue Aris & Phillips’ seminal typological catalogues of Flinders Petrie’s finds, bringing these influential publications on Egyptian artefacts to a new generation of students, scholars & professionals.

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