The Cemetery of Meir: Volume 1: The tomb of Pepyankh-the Middle [Paperback]

Effy Alexakis(Author); A. L. Mourad(Author); S. Shafik(Author); Naguib Kanawati(Author)

ISBN: 9780856688454 | Published by: Australian Centre for Egyptology | Series: ACE Reports | Volume: 31 | Year of Publication: 2011 | Language: English 82 pages of text, 72 color photographs, 25 line drawings
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The Cemetery of Meir


The tomb of Pepyankh-the Middle is completely preserved, containing valuable information on various aspects of the Egyptian provincial administration and on daily life in the Sixth Dynasty. Both burial shafts of the tomb owner and his wife end in beautifully decorated and extremely well preserved burial chambers. This book presents a new record in line drawings and coloured photographs of all architectural and artistic features of the entire chapel and burial apartments.

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