Corinth, The Centenary: 1896-1996 [Hardback]

Charles K. Williams(Editor); Nancy Bookidis(Editor)

ISBN: 9780876610206 | Published by: American School of Classical Studies at Athens | Series: Corinth | Volume: XX | Year of Publication: 2003 | Language: English 503p, H12 x W9, 368 b/w ills, 3 color ills, 14 tables
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Corinth, The Centenary


Twenty-five papers presented at the December 1996 symposium held in Athens to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the American School of Classical Studies excavations at ancient Corinth. The papers are intended to illustrate the range in subject matter of research currently being undertaken by scholars of ancient Corinth, and their inclusion in one volume will serve as a useful reference work for nonspecialists. Each of the topics (which vary widely from Corinthian geology to religious practices to Byzantine pottery) is presented by the acknowledged expert in that area. The book includes a full general bibliography of articles and volumes concerning material excavated at Corinth. As a summary of one hundred years’ research it will be useful to generations of scholars to come.

Reviews & Quotes

"Corinth has been of central importance for a greater proportion of the
history of Greek lands than almost any other site: it has attracted
inhabitants and visitors for millennia. In recent decades the editors
of this volume have made it a marvellous place to work in; this
collection of papers is at least as much a tribute to them as to their
site. The enormous advantages of intensive study of a single site over
a huge timespan are demonstrated in almost every article; they are
greatly increased when it, and the methods used in its exploration,
excavation and explication, are under systematic, consistent and
inspiring care.
J. Salmon, University of Nottingham
Ancient West & East (Vol 4, No 2 (2006))

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