Studies in Archaic Corinthian Vase Painting [Paperback]

D. A. Amyx(Author); Patricia Lawrence(Author)

ISBN: 9780876615287 | Published by: American School of Classical Studies at Athens | Series: Hesperia Supplement | Volume: 28 | Year of Publication: 1996 | Language: English 172p, H11 x W8.5, 64 figs
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Studies in Archaic Corinthian Vase Painting


Two important contributions to Greek pottery studies. Aftermath, by D. A. Amyx, is a catalogue of material supplementing his work in Corinth VII.2 but found after the cutoff of 1969 or omitted for some other reason. This article and Corinth VII.2 together stand as a full compilation of painters at present represented in the collection of the Corinth Excavations. The Chimaera Group at Corinth and Dodwellians in the Potters' Quarter are both by Patricia Lawrence. The first is a thoughtful analysis of this group of painters, based on a close examination of material found in the excavations at Corinth but including attributed pieces from other sites. The second studies 15 new fragments and reexamines material previously published in Corinth XV.3, demonstrating that the Geladakis Painter, as well as several Dodwellians, are represented there.

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