Catalogue of the footwear in the Coptic Museum (Cairo) [Hardback]

Dr. Andre J. Veldmeijer(Author); Prof. Dr. Salima Ikram(Author)

ISBN: 9789088904714 | Published by: Sidestone Press | Year of Publication: 2018 | Language: English 330p, H11.69 x W8.26, 129 color / 202 black-white
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Catalogue of the footwear in the Coptic Museum (Cairo)


This catalogue presents the ancient Egyptian footwear in the collection of the Coptic Museum in Cairo. The catalogue contains detailed descriptions and measurements, photographs and drawings. Each description of a footwear category is followed by short discussions, addressing topics such as typology and dating. In addition a fairly large corpus of comparative material is presented as well, none of which has been published before. The present work will form an important resource for future study.
This catalogue is one of the results of the Nuffic Tailor Made Training for the curators of the Coptic Museum in Cairo, jointly organized by the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo and the American University in Cairo in close collaboration with the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the Coptic Museum Authorities and the Ministry of State for Antiquities Affairs.
Dr. André J. Veldmeijer is Assistant Director for Egyptology of the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo and has worked as archaeologist in Egypt since 1995 as specialist in, among others, leatherwork and footwear. He (co-)directs several projects, such as the Ancient Egyptian Leatherwork Project, which includes the Egyptian Museum Chariot Project, and the Tutankhamun Sticks & Staves Project. He has published extensively, both scientifically as popular.
Dr. Salima Ikram is Professor of Egyptology at the American University in Cairo, and has worked as an archaeologist in Egypt since 1986, directing the Animal Mummy Project, and co-directing the Predynastic Gallery project, the Egyptian Museum Chariot Project, and the North Kharga Oasis Survey. Dr. Ikram has lectured and published extensively, both for children and adults.

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"This book, in A4 format, is the product of a training project for curators “researching museum collections”, which encompasses an holistic approach, involving museologists, leather specialists, archaeologists, Egyptologists, archaeobotanists, illustrators and photographers.
The introduction gives a short history of the Coptic Museum to set the scene for the study of ancient Egyptian footwear. It explains how the material is classified into distinct groups (sandals, shoes, boots and so on) and then subdivided into categories and types. The explanation of the terminology used is invaluable for anyone using the book as a basis for study or for comparison with other museum collection pieces and it is very helpful to be able to refer back to the detailed terminology as one progresses through the book.
In the first half of the catalogue, each item is given a very detailed description including type, materials, measurements, catalogue numbers and locations. This is followed by a discussion relating each item to other similar items in the catalogue, with detailed notes about the characteristics of the different types of footwear (which is again very helpful for comparison).
The rest of the book is a treasure trove of photographs and illustrations.
The range and quality of these completely complement the written materials and are almost (though not quite) as good as seeing the objects themselves.
Regina De Giovanni
(Dec2014/Jan 2015)

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