Abusir and Saqqara in the Year 2015 [Hardback]

Miroslav Bárta(Editor); Filip Coppens(Editor); Jaromir Krejci(Editor)

ISBN: 9788073087586 | Published by: Czech Institute of Egyptology | Year of Publication: 2018 | Language: English 696p, H11.8 x W8.3, Black and white photographs, plans and figures
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Abusir and Saqqara in the Year 2015


The Czech Institute of Egyptology of the Charles University in Prague has since the start of the third millennium established the tradition of organizing on a regular basis a platform for scholars, active in the pyramid fields and the cemeteries of the Memphite region (Abusir, Saqqara, Dahshur and Giza in particular), to meet, exchange information and establish further cooperation.
The present volume, containing 43 contributions by 53 scholars, is the result of the already fourth "Abusir and Saqqara" conference held in June 2015. The volume reflects the widespread, often multidisciplinary interest of many researchers into a wide variety of different topics related to the Memphite necropoleis. Recurring topics of the studies include a focus on archaeology, the theory of artifacts, iconographic and art historian studies, and the research of largely unpublished archival materials. An overwhelming number of contributions (31) is dedicated to various aspects of Old Kingdom archaeology and most present specific aspects linked with archaeological excavations, both past and present.

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