American Journal of Numismatics 20 (2008) [Hardback]

Peter Van Alfen(Editor)

ISBN: 9780897223058 | Published by: American Numismatic Society | Series: American Journal of Numismatics | Volume: 20 | Year of Publication: 2008 | Language: English 621p, 117 pls.
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American Journal of Numismatics 20 (2008)


AJN is an annual publication featuring original scholarly research in all fields of numismatics. Volume 20 (2008) is an expanded special edition in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the American Numismatic Society.

Table of Contents

Editorial Committee; Editors’ Note; EDWARD T. NEWELL: Coins from Beisan; HENRY S. KIM AND JOHN H. KROLL: A Hoard of Archaic Coins of Colophon and Unminted Silver (CH I.3); JONATHAN H. KAGAN: Paros, Melos and Naxos: Archaic and Early Classical Coinages of the Cyclades; SILVIA MANI HURTER: Torremuzza’s SEGESTANORVM; CATHERINE LORBER: Thessalian Hoards and the Coinage of Larissa; GIOVANNI GORINI: The Die Sequence of Medma Silver Staters; LISA ANDERSON AND PETER G. VAN ALFEN: A Fourth Century BCE Hoard from the Near East; PETER G. VAN ALFEN: The Later Fourth Century BCE Coinage of Issos; KATERINI LIAMPI: Graffiti on Sicyonian and Theban Staters in a New Hoard from Boeotia / Beginning of 2000; SELENE PSOMA: Panegyris Coinages; SELENE PSOMA: Numismatic Evidence on the Ptolemaic Involvement in Thrace during the Second Syrian War; PETER G. VAN ALFEN, MARTÍN ALMAGRO-GORBEA, AND PERE PAU RIPOLLÈS: A New Celtiberian Hacksilber Hoard, c. 200 BCE; DANNY SYON: The Bronze Coinage of Tyre: The First Years of Autonomy; OLIVER D. HOOVER, ARTHUR HOUGHTON, AND PETR VESELÝ: The Silver Mint of Damascus theunder Demetrius III and Antiochus XII; FRANK L. KOVACS: Tigranes IV, V, and VI: New Attributions; SUZANNE FREY-KUPPER AND CLIVE STANNARD: “Pseudo-mints” and Small Change in Italy and Sicily in the Late Republic; EMILY HAUG: Local Politics in the Late Republic: Antony and Cleopatra at Patras; MICHEL AMANDRY: Le monnayage de L. Sempronius Attratinus revisité; BERNHARD E. WOYTEK: The Aureus Under Trajan: The Metrological Evidence; ANDREW BURNETT: The Early Coinage of Hadrian and the Deified Trajan at Rome and Alexandria; IOANNIS TOURATSOGLOU: Tarsos, Aboukir, etc.; before and after. Once again; KARSTEN DAHMEN: Alexander in Gold and Silver: Reassessing Third-century AD Medallions from Aboukir, Tarsos, and Related Objects; PHIL DAVIS: Hoard Notes: A Hoard of Dacian Imitations from Sarmizegetusa Regia; RICHARD SCHAEFER: Hoard Notes: A Roman Republican Silver Coin Hoard from Campania; RALPH A. CANNITO AND MICHAEL N. FEDOROV: On Some Rare Early Qarakhanid Fulus; RALPH A. CANNITO AND MICHAEL N. FEDEROV: An Unpublished AH 607 Uzjend Dirham; JOHN M. KLEEBERG: Washington Counterstamps - The Lafayette Connection; ALAN WALKER: Catalogues and their Collectors.

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