American Journal of Numismatics 23 (2011) [Hardback]

Andrew Meadows(Editor); Oliver Hoover(Editor)

ISBN: 9780897223201 | Published by: American Numismatic Society | Series: American Journal of Numismatics | Volume: 23 | Year of Publication: 2011 | Language: English 284p, 45 plates
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American Journal of Numismatics 23 (2011)



Table of Contents

Editorial Committee v

Christophe Flament. A Note on the Laurium Stratigraphy and the Early Coins of Athens: The Work of D. Morin and A. Photiades and its Impact on the Study of Athenian Coinage 1

Emanuel Petac. From the Types of Alexander to Lysimachus: The Chronology of Some Mesembrian and Other West Pontic Staters 7

Arthur Houghton. New Light on Coin Production under Seleucus II in Northern Syria, Commagene, and Mesopotamia 17

David Hendin and Nathan Bower. Irregular Coins of Judaea, First Century bce–First Century ce: New Insights from Comparisons of Stylistic, Physical, and Chemical Analyses 35

François de Callataÿ. More Than It Would Seem: The Use of Coinage by the Romans in Late Hellenistic Asia Minor (133–63 bc) 55

Gilles Bransbourg. Fides et Pecunia Numerata. Chartalism and Metallism in the Roman World. Part 1: The Republic 87

Bernhard Woytek. Die Cutters At Work: New Light on the Coinage Struck for the Syrian Koinon 153

Martin Beckmann. Trajan’s Gold Coinage Dated COS V, ad 103–111 169

Michael Fedorov. Early Medieval Chachian Coins with Lyre and Ram Horns Tamghas 182

Immaculada Socias Batet. The Power of Images in Antonio Augustín’s Diálogos de Medallas inscriciones y otras antiguidades (1587) 209

Robert W. Hoge. Seventeenth-Century American Coins in the Hunterian Museum 229

Robert L. Fagaly. Pricing Relationships of United States Type Coinage 257

Review Articles

P. Tselekas (ed.), Coins in the Aegean Islands. Proceedings of the Fifth Scientific Meeting, Mytilene, 16-19 September 2006. Andrew Meadows 265

Bernhard Woytek. Die Reichsprägung des Kaisers Traianus. Martin Beckmann 277

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