American Journal of Numismatics 24 (2012) [Hardback]

Andrew Meadows(Editor); Oliver Hoover(Editor)

ISBN: 9780897223249 | Published by: American Numismatic Society | Series: American Journal of Numismatics | Volume: 24 | Year of Publication: 2013 | Language: English 204p, 38 plates
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American Journal of Numismatics 24 (2012)



Table of Contents

Editorial Committee v

Alain G. Elayi, Maryse Blet-Lemarquand, and Josette Elayi. Fluctuations in the Composition of the Silver Coinage of Byblos (Fifth–Fourth Century bc) 1

Selene Psoma. Obols, Drachms, and Staters of Bronze during the Hellenistic Period 11

Catharine C. Lorber. An Egyptian Interpretation of Alexander’s Elephant Headdress 21

Catharine C. Lorber. Dating the Portrait Coinage of Ptolemy I 33

Yoav Farhi and Catharine Lorber. A Note on Two Ptolemaic Bronze Coins from Israel 45

Aurel VÎlcu and Emanuel Petac. The Second Syrian War and Gold Staters of Alexander Type struck at Istros 53

Thomas Landvatter. The Serapis and Isis Coinage of Ptolemy IV 61

Georges Abou Diwan. Le monnayage civique non datée de Sidon: Opportunisme civique et pragmastisme royal (169/8–111/0 av. J.-C.) 91

Khaled Kiwan. Cinq trésors romains de Syrie 123

B. E. Woytek, M. Rodrigues, F. Cappa, M. Schreiner, M. Radtke, and U. Reinholz. Imitations of Roman Republican Denarii: New Metallurgical Data 133

Michael N. Fedorov, Ralph A. Cannito, and Andrew V. Kuznetsov. Some Rare Early Qarākhānid Coins and Early Qarākhānid Appanage Rulers 163

Review Articles

Donald T. Ariel and Jean-Philippe Fontanille, The Coins of Herod. A Modern Analysis and Die Classification. David Hendin 175

E. Markou, L’Or des Rois de Chypre. Numismatique et histoire à l’époque classique. Andrew Meadows 187

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