American Journal of Numismatics 27 (2015) [Hardback]

Oliver Hoover (Editor)

ISBN: 9780897223430 | Published by: American Numismatic Society | Series: American Journal of Numismatics | Volume: 27 | Year of Publication: 2016 | Language: English 258p, H9 x W6, 58
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American Journal of Numismatics 27 (2015)


The American Journal of Numismatics is a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal containing articles on numismatic topics, book reviews, and obituaries of notable figures in the field.

Table of Contents

Fernando López Sánchez and Daniel Gómez Castro - The Gaza 1960s Hoard: An Assemblage of Archaic Greek Coins

Kenneth Sheedy, Damian B. Gore, and Matthew Ponting - The Bronze Issues of the Athenian General Timotheus: Evaluating the Evidence of Polyaenus’s Stratagemata

Catharine C. Lorber - A Hoard of Tetradrachms of Alexander III and Philip III, November 2003

Lloyd W. H. Taylor - From Triparadeisos to Ipsos: Seleukos I Nikator’s Uncertain Mint 6A in Babylonia

Eric Carlen - The Final Phase Coinage of ΠΤΟΛΕΜΑΙΟΥ ΣΩΤΗΡΟΣ Tetradrachms Dated According to an Uncertain Era

Yoav Farhi - Cleopatra in Gaza(?): A Hitherto Unpublished Coin Type from Gaza and the First Year of Coinage in Gaza under Roman Rule

Craig A. Harvey - A Possible Hoard of Judaean and Nabataean Coins from Cyprus

Clive Stannard, GisÈle Gentric, Jean-Albert Chevillon, and Jean-Claude Richard Ralite - Coins of the Pompeian Pseudomint and of the Italo-Baetican Series from Southern France

Martin Beckmann - The Function of the Attribute of Liberalitas and its use in the Congiarium

Ceren Ünal - The “Tralleis Hoard” and the Reflection of the Iconoclastic Idea in Byzantine Coin Iconography

Irakli Paghava and George Janjgava - Revising Georgian-Sasanian Coinage: A New (Third) Type Drama of Gurgen

Aram Vardanyan - Seeking Political Compromise: The Dulafid Governors of Jibāl and their Coinage

Konstantin Kravtsov and Olga Stepanova - An Ottoman Coin with the Countermarked Portrait of Carl XII from the Hermitage Collection

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