American Journal of Numismatics 28 (2016) [Hardback]

Ute Wartenberg(Editor); David Yoon(Editor)

ISBN: 9780897223515 | Published by: American Numismatic Society | Series: American Journal of Numismatics | Volume: 28 | Year of Publication: 2016 | Language: English 271p, H9.25 x W6.5, 60
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American Journal of Numismatics 28 (2016)


The American Journal of Numismatics is a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal containing articles on numismatic topics, book reviews, and obituaries of notable figures in the field.

Table of Contents


Laure Marest-Caffey. Seleukos I’s Victory Coinage of Susa Revisited: A Die Study and Commentary

David Schwei. The Reactions of Mint Workers to the Tumultuous Second Reign of Demetrius II Nicator

Aneurin Ellis-Evans. The Koinon of Athena Ilias and its Coinage

Kris Lockyear. The Coin Hoards of the Roman Republic Database: The History, the Data, and the Potential

Michael Fedorov. Notes on the Early Medieval Numismatics of Central Asia

Aram Vardanyan. The Administration of the ‘Abbasid North and the Evidence of Copper Coins (AH 142–218/AD 759–833)

Damiano Acciarino. Ancient Roman Colonial Coins in Renaissance Europe

Review of Aux origines de la monnaie fiduciaire: traditions métallurgiques et innovations numismatiques. Actes de l’atelier
international des 16 et 17 novembre 2012 à Tours by Alain Bresson

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