Regional Schools in Hellenistic Sculpture [Paperback]

Olga Palagia(Author)

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Regional Schools in Hellenistic Sculpture


Essays describing recent research and new discoveries of Hellenistic sculpture, based on papers presented at an international conference at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens in 1996.

Table of Contents

Hellenistic Sculpture at Corinth. The state of the Question (Mary C. Sturgeon)
The Enemy within: A Macedonian in PireausOlga Palagia)
The Lysippan Herakles as Vajrapani in Hadda (Katherine A. Schwab)
To gunaikeio agalma tou Archaiologikou Mouseiou Peiraios ar. eur. 5935 (in Greek)(Melpo I. Mologiorge)
Attic Sculpture at Kallipolis (Aitolia). A Cutl Group of Demeter and Kore (Petros Themelis)
The so-called Delphi philosopher and his context (Wilfred Geominy)
The Divine Circle: The roundels of Mahdia (Hoyer von Prittwitz)
Hellenistic sculpted funerary monuments from the Athenian agora (Janet B. Grossman)
Goddess or Queen? A colossal marble head in the Athenian agora (Andrew Stewart)
Atticism, Classicism, and the origins of Neo-Attic sculpture (Mark D. Fullerton)
E Ugeia tou Nikeratou tou Athenaiou. Sumbole ste melete tes proimes gluptikes tes Pergamou (in Greek) (Iphigeneia K. Lebente)
Tradition and innovation in early Pergamene sculpture (John R. Marszal)
Ena kolossiko kephali Erakle apo to Pergamo (in Greek) (Demetres Damaskos)
Paratereseis schetika me ten thematike paragoge tes "Scholes" tes Rodou (in Greek) (Basilike Machaira)
Rhodian sculpture: a school, a style, or many workshops? (Carol C. Mattusch)
The victory of Samothrace (Ira S. Mark)
Ellenistika agalmata tes Melou (in Greek) (Ismene Triante)
Neither school nor Koine: The local workshops of Delos and their unfinished schupture (Philippe Jockey)
Some observations concerning late Hellenistic Bronze production on Delos (Beryl Barr-Sharrar)
Problems in provenance and patronage: a group of late Hellenistic statuettes from Paestum (John Pedley)
Ta anaglupha phatnomata tou Ieou tes Samothrakes (in Greek) (Alexandros Mantes)
O porinos Atlas apo ten archaia Agora tes Thessalonikes (in Greek) (Theodosia Stephanidou-Tiberiou)
The lion from the lion tomb at Cnidus (Geoffrey B. Waywell)
After the mausoleum: Hellenistic sculptures from Bodrum in the British Museum (Peter Higgs)
Hellenistic sculpture under the Roman Empire: Fishermen and satyrs at Aphrodisias (R.R.R. Smith)
Votive reliefs to Apollo Kitharoidos from Asia Minor: External and Regional Influence (Linda Jones Roccos)
Dangerous is Beautiful. The elemental quality of a Hellenistic Scylla (Elena Walter-Karydi)
The "alexander Sarcophagus" of Abdalonymos: A Hellenistic monument from Sidon (Caroline Houser)

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