Edge of Empire, Rome's Scottish Frontier: The Antonine Wall [Paperback]

David J. Breeze(Author)

ISBN: 9781839830037 | Published by: Origin | Year of Publication: 2023 | 128p, H7.5 x W9.45, color throughout
Status: Not Yet Published - Available for pre-order

Edge of Empire, Rome's Scottish Frontier


Two thousand years ago, southern Scotland was part of a great empire, the Roman Empire. About AD 140, a Roman army marched north from what is now Northumbria and, 20 years after and over 100 miles further north than Hadrian’s Wall, built a new frontier across the Forth-Clyde isthmus.

With reference to contemporary coins and literary sources together with the archaeological remains, inscriptions and sculpture from the Antonine Wall itself, David Breeze explains the historical context for, and the creation of, the fortifications.

Stunning photography by David Henrie of Historic Scotland illustrates all aspects of this most northerly Roman frontier. These photographs help us to appreciate the Antonine Wall in its landscape and allow us a visual explanation for its construction almost 2000 years ago.

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