Global Perspectives on Early Medieval England [Hardback]

Karen Louise Jolly(Editor); Britton Brooks(Editor); Katy Cubitt(Editor); John Hines(Editor); Debby Banham(Contributor); Britton Elliott Brooks(Editor)

ISBN: 9781783276868 | Published by: Boydell Press | Series: Anglo-Saxon Studies | Volume: 44 | Year of Publication: 2022 | 192p, H9.25 x W6.25, 12 color, 16 b/w, 6 line illus.
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Global Perspectives on Early Medieval England


Early medieval England as seen through the lens of comparative and interconnected histories is the subject of this volume. Drawn from a range of disciplines, its chapters examine artistic, archaeological, literary, and historical artifacts, converging around the idea that the period may not only define itself, but is often defined from other perspectives, specifically here by modern scholarship.

The first part considers the transmission of material culture across borders, while querying the possibilities and limits of comparative and transnational approaches, taking in the spread of bread wheat, the collapse of the art-historical "decorative" and "functional", and the unknowns about daily life in an early medieval English hall. The volume then moves on to reimagine the permeable boundaries of early medieval England, with perspectives from the Baltic, Byzantium, and the Islamic world, including an examination of Vercelli Homily VII (from John Chrysostom's Greek Homily XXIX), Hārūn ibn Yaḥyā's Arabic descriptions of Barṭīniyah ("Britain"), and an consideration of the Old English Orosius. The final chapters address the construction of and responses to "Anglo-Saxon" narratives, past and present: they look at early medieval England within a Eurasian perspective, the historical origins of racialized Anglo-Saxonism(s), and views from Oceania, comparing Hiberno-Saxon and Anglican Melanesian missions, as well as contemporary reactions to exhibitions of Anglo-Saxon kingdoms and Pacific Island cultures.

Contributors: Debby Banham, Britton Elliott Brooks, Caitlin Green, Jane Hawkes, John Hines, Karen Louise Jolly, Kazutomo Karasawa, Carol Neuman de Vegvar, John D. Niles, Michael W. Scott, Jonathan Wilcox

Table of Contents

Introduction: Global Perspectives on Early Medieval England -- Karen Louise Jolly and Britton Elliott Brooks
Part I Material Culture
1 The Global Triumph of Bread Wheat: The Role of Early Medieval England -- Debby Banham

2 Globalizing Anglo-Saxon Art -- Jane Hawkes

3 Minding the Gaps: Early Medieval Elite Sites in England and the Perimeters of Current Knowledge -- Carol Neuman de Vegvar

Part II Crossing Borders
4 Imagination at the Edge of the World: Luxuriating Women in Vercelli Homily VII and a Resistant Audience -- Jonathan Wilcox

5 Britain, the Byzantine Empire, and the Concept of an Anglo-Saxon 'Heptarchy': Harun ibn Yahya's Ninth-century Arabic Description of Britain -- Caitlin R. Green

6 Wulfstan in Truso: Old English Text, Baltic Archaeology, and World History -- John Hines

Part III Origins and Comparisons
7 Reassessing Anglo-Saxon Origins from a Eurasian Perspective -- John D. Niles

8 Historical Origins of a Mythical History: The Formation of the Myth Supporting Anglo-Saxonism Reconsidered -- Kazutomo Karasawa

9 Boniface and Bede in the Pacific: Exploring Anamorphic Comparisons between the Hiberno-Saxon Missions and the Anglican Melanesian Mission -- Michael W. Scott

10 Anglo-Saxons on Exhibit: Displaying the Sacred -- Karen Louise Jolly

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