Dorothy Garrod and the Progress of the Palaeolithic: Studies in the Prehistoric Archaeology of the Near East and Europe [Paperback]

William Davies(Editor); Ruth Charles(Editor)

ISBN: 9781785705199 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Year of Publication: 2017 | Language: English 282p, H9.4 x W6.7, b/w figs and pls
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Dorothy Garrod and the Progress of the Palaeolithic


Dorothy Garrod opened many doors; not only was she the first female professor at Cambridge University, but she illuminated - and in some cases initiated - some of prehistoric archaeology's most central issues. The quiet yet self possessed woman was best known as a fieldworker, often venturing into dangerous regions such as Kurdistan. Her first and highly successful excavation revealed fragments of Neanderthal fossils in Gibralter. This volume reviews modern research on this site, as well as exploring other issues which interested the Disney Professor of Archaeology: hominid remains from Mount Carmel; Palaeolithic sites in the Zagros Mountains, Bulgaria and Britain; and the cultural evidence for the beginning of Near Eastern food production, which Garrod called Natufian. Also included are papers concerned with her life, background and published work. The topics' span and continuing relevance are testament to Dorothy Garrod's remarkable character and great achievements.

Table of Contents

Foreword (C. Renfrew)
Introduction (W. Davies and R. Charles)
1. Dorothy Annie Elizabeth Garrod: A Short Biography (W. Davies)
2. Dorothy Garrod's Application for the Disney Professorship, 1939
3. The Path not Taken: Dorothy Garrod, Devon and the British Palaeolithic (A. J. Roberts)
4. Some Observations on the British Earlier Upper Palaeolithic (R. M. Jacobi)
5. Unlocking the Inhospitable (S. Swainston)
6. Garrod and the Belgian Creswellian (R. Charles)
7. Garrod and Glozel: the end of a fiasco (P. G. Bahn and A. C. Renfrew)
8. Gibraltar Palaeolithic Revisited: New Excavations at Gorham's and Vanguard Caves (C. B. Stringer, R. N. E. Barton, A. P. Currant, J. C. Finlayson, P. Goldberg, R. Macphail and P. B. Pettit)
9. The Evolution of the Balkan Aurignacian (J. K. Kozlowski)
10. The Levantine Aurignacian: 60 years of research (A. Belfer-Cohen and O. Bar-Yosef)
11. The Genesis and Age of Mousterian Palaeosols in the Carmel Coastal Plain, Israel (A. Ronen, A. Tsatskin and S. A. Laukhin)
12. The Impact of Dorothy Garrod's Excavations in the Lebanon on the Palaeolithic of the Near East (L. Copeland)
13. The Early Upper Palaeolithic in the Zagros Mountains (D. Olzewski)
14. The Zarzian Industry of the Zagros Mountains (G. A. Wahida)
15. 'Twisting the Kaleidoscope': Dorothy Garrod and the 'Natufian Culture' (B. Boyd)
16. The Natufian: a Coherent Thought? (F. Valla)
17. Nina Frances Layard, Prehistorian (1853-1935) (S. Plunkett)
18. Nova et Vetera: Reworking the Early Upper Palaeolithic in Europe (W. Davies)
19. Bibliography of Garrod's Published Works

Reviews & Quotes

"This is a refreshing book: one that Garrod would have understood. Notably post-processual, the articles are, without exception, clearly and concisely written. They concentrate of bringing Garrods work up-to-date without debating the dogmas which have come to characterize so much writing on the origins of modern humans, the early Upper Palaeolithic and the beginnings of agriculture.'"
Jill Cook
Antiquaries Journal (Vol. 81, 2001)

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