Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History: Volume 17 [Paperback]

Helena Hamerow(Editor)

ISBN: 9781905905188 | Published by: Oxford University School of Archaeology | Series: Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History | Volume: 17 | Year of Publication: 2011 | Language: English 160p, 72 col & b/w illus
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Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History


Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History is an annual series concerned with the archaeology and history of England and its neighbours during the Anglo-Saxon period. ASSAH offers researchers an opportunity to publish new work in an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary forum which allows for a diversity of approaches and subject matter. Contributions focus not just on Anglo-Saxon England but also its international context. Volume 17 includes papers on iron smelting in Cambridgeshire, Flixborough and King Alfred, as well as a major report on Anglo-Saxon Eastry in Kent which sets out a full review and presentation of the antiquarian record, publishes the new burial finds and sets these findings into the context of other evidence for Anglo-Saxon settlement in Eastry and its neighbourhood.

Table of Contents

1. Early Anglo-Saxon Eastry: Archaeological evidence for the beginnings of a district centre in the kingdom of Kent ( Tania M. Dickinson, Chris Fern, and Andrew Richardson)
2. Middle Saxon iron smelting near Bonemills Farm, Wittering, Cambridgeshire (William Wall)
3. Flixborough revisited (John Blair)
4. From frontier to border: the evolution of northern West Saxon territorial delineation in the ninth and tenth centuries (John Baker and Stuart Brookes)
5. King Alfred, Mercia and London, 874-886: A reassessment (Jeremy Haslam)
6. Norse bells: A Scandinavian colonial artefact (Meagan Schoenfelder and Julian D. Richards)

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