The Many Histories of Naqada: Archaeology and Heritage in an Upper Egyptian Region [Paperback]

Alice Stevenson(Editor); Joris Van Wetering(Editor)

ISBN: 9781906137694 | Published by: Golden House Publications | Series: GHP Egptology | Volume: 32 | Year of Publication: 2020 | 192p, H11.6 x W8.2, 100
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The Many Histories of Naqada


This edited volume presents a series of reviews, overviews, and unpublished archives from several historic expeditions in the Naqada region of Upper Egypt. This includes nineteenth-century fieldwork led by Gaston Maspero, Jacques de Morgan, and Flinders Petrie through to surveys conducted in the twentieth century and new initiatives in the region in the 2010s. It encompasses not just the better-known Predynastic finds, but also later Pharaonic era material as well as Coptic heritage. Together the volume argues that the Naqada region in worthy of renewed critical attention and is a more dynamic and complex landscape than has generally been acknowledged.

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