Wadi Qitna and Kalabsha-South: Vol. II Anthropology [Hardback]

Eugen Strouhal(Author); Hans Barnard(Author); Lenka Varadzinova(Editor); Petra Havelkova(Editor)

ISBN: 9788073089719 | Published by: Czech Institute of Egyptology | Year of Publication: 2020 | 1 | 360p, H12.6 x W9, 111 tables, 78 figures + maps, 41 photo plates
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Wadi Qitna and Kalabsha-South


The present publication follows vol. I from 1984 - the results of a comprehensive archaeological investigation of two tumulus cemeteries of Late Roman and Early Byzantine Period explored by the Czechoslovak Institute of Egyptology in the scope of the UNESCO-organized salvage campaign of Nubua by the waters of the High Aswan Dam. This second volume evaluates the human skeletal remains of 558 individuals from the cemetery at Wadi Qitna and 35 individuals from the cemetery at Kalabsha-South. This volume touches upon the complex social and ethnic processes taking place in the region between Egypt and Nubia.

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