Kelta falu Győr határában (A Celtic Village near Győr): A mindennapi élet színtere és régészeti leletei a késő vaskor időszakából [Hardback]

Károly Tankó(Author)

ISBN: 9786155766411 | Published by: Archaeolingua | Series: Studien zur Eisenzeit im Ostalpenraum | Volume: 2 | Year of Publication: 2022 | 1 | 320p, H11.4 x W7.87, color and grayscale
Status: Not Yet Published - Available for pre-order

Kelta falu Győr határában (A Celtic Village near Győr)


This book focuses on a very special Iron Age settlement in the Carpathian Basin: Ménfőcsanak. At this site, an early Celtic presence is detected, while artifacts associated with the ‘great migration’, as described by antique authors, is also present. Several large-scale excavations brought to light parts of this Celtic settlement, making Ménfőcsanak into one of the best researched late Iron Age sites in Transdanubia. Until recently, Hungarian research into this period focused mainly on cemeteries, while international scholarship has placed an increasing emphasis on social and cultural changes; through the analysis of settlement features, buildings, hearths, pits and wells, as well as the archaeological assemblage (pottery, bone tools and metallurgy), Károly Tankó makes up for this neglect.

This book is in Hungarian, with an extended English summary. The captions of images, diagrams and tables are in Hungarian and English.

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