Greek Colonization in Local Contexts: Case studies in colonial interactions [Paperback]

Jason Lucas(Editor); Carrie Ann Murray(Editor); Sara Owen(Editor)

ISBN: 9781789251326 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Series: University of Cambridge Museum of Classical Archaeology Monographs | Volume: 4 | Year of Publication: 2019 | Language: English 248p, H9.5 x W6.75, b/w
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Greek Colonization in Local Contexts


Greek Colonization in Local Context takes a fresh look at Greek colonies around Europe and the Black Sea. The emphasis is on cultural interaction, transformation and the repercussions and local reactions to colonization in social, religious and cultural terms.

Papers examine the archaeological evidence for cultural interaction in a series of case studies from locations around the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions, at a variety of scales. Contributors consider the effects of colonization on urban life and developments in cities and smaller settlements as well as in the rural landscapes surrounding and supporting them. This collection of new papers by leading scholars reveals fascinating details of the native response to the imposition of Greek rule and the indigenous input into early state development in the Mediterranean and adjacent regions.

Table of Contents

by Martin Millett
1. Introduction
by Carrie Ann Murray and Jason Lucas
2. Constructing colonies: Physical manifestations of social action within Greek colonization
by Carrie Ann Murray
3. Locrian Colonization in Magna Graecia: Cities and territories
by Adolfo J. Domínguez
4. Cultural and ethnic dynamics in Sicily during Greek colonization
by Sebastiano Tusa
5. Marseilles: Greek settlement on the fringes of Iron Age Provence
by Jason Lucas
6. The Attic red-figure pottery of the Greek city of Emporion
by M. Teresa Miró i Alaix
7. Pistiros: A Thracian emporion in its cultural and natural environment
by Alexei Gotzev
8. The landscape in Aegean Thrace before and after Greek colonization
by Diamandis Triandaphyllos
9. Orgame necropolis in the Black Sea area
by Vasilica Lungu
10. Transformations of landscape use in the Lower Dnieper region
by Valeria Bylkova
11. Borysthenes and Olbia: Reflections on the character of contacts between Greeks and Natives during the initial stage of colonization
by Sergey Solovyov
12. Polis, Chora and the development of the colonial landscape in the Lower Bug region
by Sergej Bujskikh and Alla Bujskikh
13. Colonial landscapes and colonial interactions in Skythia and the Euxeinos Pontos
by Elias Petropoulos
14. Colonial location: Olbia on the Hypanis
by David Braund
15. ‘Greek’ Colonization: The view from Ionia
by Alan M. Greaves

Reviews & Quotes

""The volume remains an important contribution to discourses on culture contact in the Mediterranean, however, with nuanced, well-thought-out perspectives on the roles and agency of Greek settlements overseas, their interactions with local populations, and the complex dynamics of changes in ensuing relationships. The papers dealing with the Black Sea region are especially valuable, given the relative lack of publications on this topic in the anglophone world.""

Bryn Mawr Classical Review ()

"“…a welcome addition to current dialectics between ancient colonial experiences and modern understandings of those experiences. […] Many of the chapters combine excellent overviews of settlements and entire regions (Sicily, southern France, Thrace, the Dnieper-Bug estuary) with thoughtful, close scrutiny of the material evidence and physical landscapes, thus making this volume appropriate for both scholars well acquainted with these regions and those approaching them for the first time.”"

American Journal Of Archaeology ()

""[...] valuable to advanced students and researchers [...] It is not simply a historical document, however; this volume serves as a stimulating and welcome reminder of the potential of avenues and evidence that have been somewhat neglected in more recent discussions of ancient Greek ‘colonization’.""

European Journal of Archaeology ()

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