Hellenistic Pottery: The Fine Wares [Hardback]

Sarah A. James(Author)

ISBN: 9780876610770 | Published by: American School of Classical Studies at Athens | Series: Corinth | Volume: VII.7 | Year of Publication: 2018 | Language: English 360p, H12 x W9, 45 ills, 48 figs, 44 pls, 3 plans, 3 tables
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Hellenistic Pottery


Using deposits recently excavated from the Panayia Field, this volume substantially revises the absolute chronology of Corinthian Hellenistic pottery as established by G. Roger Edwards in Corinth VII.3 (1975). This new research, based on quantitative analysis of over 50 deposits, demonstrates that the date range for most fine-ware shapes should be lowered by 50–100 years. Contrary to previous assumptions, it is now possible to argue that local ceramic production continued in Corinth during the interim period between the destruction of the city in 146 B.C. and when it was refounded as a Roman colony in 44 B.C. This volume includes detailed shape studies and a comprehensive catalogue. With its presentation of this revised “Panayia Field chronology,” Corinth VII.7 is a long-awaited and much-needed addition to the Corinth series.

Reviews & Quotes

""In sum, this volume gives us a much clearer picture of the typological range of Hellenistic Corinthian fine ware and the quantities in which it occurs. Thus, it will be an important resource for surveys and excavations in the northern Peloponnese and for scholars interested in the range of fine ware production around the Hellenistic world.""

American Journal Of Archaeology (123.4)

"“It provides a much-needed extension and revision of the chronology of Hellenistic pottery posited in Roger Edwards’ book Corinthian Hellenistic Pottery…”"

Journal of Greek Archaeology ()

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