Rome and the north-western Mediterranean: Integration and connectivity c. 150–70 BC [Hardback]

Toni Ñaco del Hoyo(Editor); Jordi Principal(Editor); Mike Dobson(Editor)

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Rome and the north-western Mediterranean


To date, Rome's intervention to the West from the mid-second century BC has not really been looked at with any sense of overview. Instead, there has been an unconnected series of micro-regional studies looking at particular areas, from the river Ebro in Spain round to Italy on the land front, and from the Balearic Islands to Corsica, Sardinia and even Sicily as regards the seaborne aspect. In contrast, the aim of this volume is to push the historical and archaeological debates about Rome's expansion beyond these traditional geographical boundaries and the discipline-based previous research. The entire north-western Mediterranean is treated as a micro-region and is addressed using various interdisciplinary approaches. The result is to provide an innovative and comprehensive overview of the north-western Mediterranean in a period of historical crossroads, aided particularly by focusing on the connectivity and integration within this region as two interrelated issues. While Republican Rome enforced itself as an expansive power towards the West, all sorts of polities, military operations and individuals also played a significant role in creating interconnectivity and integration of the north-western Mediterranean into a new hybrid reality. In order to uncover such processes of hybridization, contributors to this volume were encouraged to focus on the historical, archaeological and numismatic material from several areas within the region, and to incorporate aspects of interdisciplinary methodologies in order to address the region’s military, political, social and economic interconnections with Italy, Rome and each other within the overall period.

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INTRODUCTION: connecting dots in troubled waters

J. Principal, T. Ñaco del Hoyo, M. Dobson


1. Rome et l’Occident méditerranéen

François Cadiou

2. The use of non-Roman coins in Italy, third to first centuries BC

Marleen Termeer

3. Military connectivity between Romans and non-Romans in the West

Fernando Quesada

4. Trade, information and institutions in the western Mediterranean (fourth to second centuries BC)

Alexis Gorgues

5. The Papirii Carbones 168–113 BC: Roman aristocrats between Italy and the West

Ferran Sisa-Martínez


6. Les premiers indices de la présence romaine à l'est des Pyrénées: regards croisés sur un espace tampon situé entre Gaule et Ibérie à l'orée des IIIe–IIe s. av. J.-C.

Ingrid Dunyach, Étienne Roudier and Jerôme Bénézet

7. Numantia. A green and pleasant land. Not once the Romans arrived!

Mike Dobson

8. Réseaux commerciaux en Transalpine avant et après la conquête de 125 av. J-C.

Corinne Sanchez

9. Late Iron Age Iberians from coastal north-eastern Hispania and Rome

Josep Burch, Ana Costa, Neus Coromina, Carla Masó, Josep M. Nolla, Lluís Palahí, Marc Prat, Jordi Sagrera, Josefina Simon, David Vivó and Jordi Vivo

10. Late Iron Age Iberians and Rome in the Segre valley (North-East Hispania): Transformation and Integration

Ignasi Garcés and Borja Martín

11. Tolosa Tectosagum: place of power and centre of logistics between Gallia Transalpina and Hispania Citerior

Pierre Moret and Sandra Eymard

12. Integration and connectivity at a crossroads: ‘El Camp de les Lloses (Tona, Osona)’

Imma Mestres, Montserrat Duran, Carles Padrós and Jordi Principal

13. The coinage from north-east of Hispania Citerior and Rome, c. 150–70 BC

Marta Campo

14. Monnaies celtiques et intérêts italiens en Gaule méridionale au temps de la conquête romaine

Eneko Hiriart and Charles Parisot-Sillon


15. Shipwrecks and trade in the north-western Mediterranean during the second century BC: the sea as an agent of connectivity

Franca Cibecchini

16. Emporion and its port in the second century BC

Pere Castanyer, Marta Santos, Joaquim Tremoleda and Elisa Hernández

17. Exploring the ‘cultural revolution’ and Mediterranean connectivity in Sicily between Hellenisation and Romanisation: a reassessment aided by the archaeology

Daniele Malfitana

18. Punic Cultural Roots, Agricultural Production and Trade in Roman Republican Sardinia (mid-second to early first century BC)

Andrea Roppa

19. Rome and the political dimension of piracy in the North-Western Mediterranean

Alfonso Álvarez-Ossorio

20. The Balearic Islands between traders and pirates. Connectivity in the late-second century BC

Bartomeu Vallori-Márquez

21. Ports of call and maritime routes within the north-western Mediterranean

Gerard Cabezas-Guzmán & Gerard R. Ventós


22. Italy and the eastern Mediterranean, 150–70 BC: the Roman and Italian economic ‘diaspora’ as a factor of connectivity between West and the East

Sophia Zoumbaki and Michalis Karambinis

23. A message in a bottle crossing new hybrid boundaries: the north-western Mediterranean

Jordi Principal and Toni Ñaco del Hoyo

Transcribed discussions (Workshop, Girona April 2021)

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