Clash of Cultures?: The Romano-British Period in the West Midlands [Hardback]

Roger White(Editor); Mike Hodder(Editor)

ISBN: 9781785709227 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Series: The Making of the West Midlands | Volume: 3 | Year of Publication: 2018 | 1st | Language: English 240p, H11 x W8.5, b/w and color
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Clash of Cultures?


The general perception of the west midlands region in the Roman period is that it was a backwater compared to the militarized frontier zone of the north, or the south of Britain where Roman culture took root early – in cities like Colchester, London ,and St Albans – and lingered late at cities like Cirencester and Bath with their rich, late Roman villa culture. The west midlands region captures the transition between these two areas of the ‘military’ north and ‘civilized’ south. Where it differed, and why, are important questions in understanding the regional diversity of Roman Britain. They are addressed by this volume which details the archaeology of the Roman period for each of the modern counties of the region, written by local experts who are or have been responsible for the management and exploration of their respective counties. These are placed alongside more thematic takes on elements of Roman culture, including the Roman Army, pottery, coins and religion. Lastly, an overview is taken of the important transitional period of the fifth and sixth centuries. Each paper provides both a developed review of the existing state of knowledge and understanding of the key characteristics of the subject area and details a set of research objectives for the future, immediate and long-term, that will contribute to our evolving understanding of Roman Britain. This is the third volume in a series – The Making of the West Midlands – that explores the archaeology of the English west midlands region from the Lower Palaeolithic onwards.

Table of Contents

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Preface Roger White and Mike Hodder
1: The Archaeology of the Romano-British West Midlands: Overview and Research Priorities
Roger White and Mike Hodder
2: Fortress, Forts, and the Impact of the Roman Army in the West Midlands
Roger White
3: Roman Warwickshire
Paul Booth
4: Worcestershire in the Roman period
Hal Dalwood, James Dinn, C Jane Evans, Neil Holbrook, Derek Hurst, Richard Morton, Robin Jackson and Elizabeth Pearson
5: Roman-British period in Herefordshire
Keith Ray
6: Shropshire in the Roman Period
Roger White and Andy Wigley
7: Roman Staffordshire
Suzy Blake, Steve Dean and Chris Wardle
8: Forts, Farms, Fields and industries: the Roman period in West Midlands County
Mike Hodder
9: The distribution of Roman Coins in the West Midlands: a regional analysis
Sarah Deacon
10: Joined up thinking: reconstructing the Roman West Midlands from the ceramic evidence
Jane Evans
11: Romano-British Religious sites in the West Midlands Region
Iain Ferris
12: From the provinces to the Marches: the archaeology of the fifth to seventh centuries
Roger White

Reviews & Quotes

""...this volume is extremely welcome as it makes accessible a lot of new data that is otherwise lurking in ‘grey literature’ reports or the County Historic Environment Records.""

Worcestershire Recorder ()

""This is an important book that shows what a good regional research agenda can achieve, it should contribute to our evolving understanding of this area of Roman Britain, being of value to those undertaking new fieldwork, managing new projects, or research into the diverse Roman archaeology in the region.""

The Archaeological Journal ()

""[…] an enormous contribution to the future of archaeological investigation in England.""

Birmingham and Warwickshire Archaeological Society ()

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