Landscape and Settlement in the Vale of York: Archaeological investigations at Heslington East, York, 2003-13 [Hardback]

Steve Roskams(Author); Cath Neal(Author)

ISBN: 9780854313020 | Published by: Society of Antiquaries of London | Series: Research Reports of the Society of Antiquaries of London | Volume: 82 | Year of Publication: 2020 | 1 | 200p, H10.6 x W8.3, 78
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Landscape and Settlement in the Vale of York


The Vale of York, in North Yorkshire, has been used and shaped by communities since the end of the last Ice Age to the modern day. Its earliest, prehistoric features chart the way in which household groups shifted from mobile to more sedentary forms of occupation over time, culminating in the creation of landscape divisions from the end of the Bronze Age, and then recognizable field systems during the Iron Age. Throughout all periods, a variety of activity types on the landscape has been evident in the landscape, taking significantly different forms in different contexts: water management; the creation of boundaries; agricultural production; structural development, from domestic houses to larger monuments; exchange and consumption; and mortuary practices plus other ritual activity. This volume takes a thematic approach to these activities, revealing much about the area's development.

Table of Contents

List of figures; List of tables; Preface; Acknowledgements; Summary; Resume; Zusammenfassung; Chapter 1 Landscape assessment - evaluating archaeological sites evaluation; Chapter 2 Landscape resources - nature and culture; Chapter 3 Bounded landscapes - enclosure, delineation and movement; Chapter 4 Productive landscapes - food production; Chapter 5 Productive landscapes - specialist manufacture; Chapter 6 Domestic landscapes - structures and household activities; Chapter 7 Consumption in the landscape - import, use and discard; Chapter 8 Ideological landscapes - human burial, monumentality and other specialised deposition; Chapter 9 Transitions in the landscape - change within and between conventional periods; Notes; Abbreviations and bibliography; Index

Reviews & Quotes

""…a coherent story of the settlement and utilisation of a somewhat plough-eroded landscape is presented.""

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