Oceans Odyssey: Deep-Sea Shipwrecks in the English Channel, the Straits of Gibraltar and the Atlantic Ocean [Hardback]

Sean Kingsley(Author); Greg Stemm(Editor)

ISBN: 9781842174159 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Series: Odyssey Marine Exploration Reports | Volume: 1 | Year of Publication: 2010 | Language: English 288p, 339 col illus
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Oceans Odyssey


In ten papers Odyssey Marine Exploration presents the technology, methodology and archaeological results from four deep-sea shipwrecks and one major survey conducted between 2003 and 2008. The sites lie beyond territorial waters in depths of up to 820 metres off southeastern America and in the Straits of Gibraltar and the English Channel. Exclusively recorded using robotic technology in the form of a Remotely-Operated Vehicle, the wrecks range from the major Royal Navy warships HMS Sussex (1694) and the unique, 100-gun, first-rate HMS Victory (1744)to the steamship SS Republic (1865) and a mid-19th century merchant vessel with a cargo of British porcelain. Their study reveals that the future of deep-sea wreck research has arrived, but also that many sites are at severe risk from destruction from the offshore fishing industry.

Table of Contents

Introduction (Sean Kingsley)
1. The Shipwreck of the SS Republic (1865). Experimental Deep-Sea Archaeology. Part 1: Fieldwork & Site History (Neil Cunningham Dobson, Ellen Gerth and J. Lange Winckler)
2. The Shipwreck of the SS Republic (1865). Experimental Deep-Sea Archaeology. Part 2: Cargo (Neil Cunningham Dobson and Ellen Gerth)
3. The SS Republic Shipwreck Excavation Project: The Coin Collection (Q. David Bowers)
4. Microbiological & Chemical Analysis of Bottles from the SS Republic (David L. Balkwill and April C. Smith)
5. Faith of Our Fathers: Religious Artifacts from the SS Republic (1865) (Hawk Tolson and Ellen Gerth)
6. The Jacksonville ‘Blue China’ Shipwreck & the Myth of Deep-Sea Preservation (Hawk Tolson)
7. The HMS Sussex Shipwreck Project (Site E-82): Preliminary Report (Neil Cunningham Dobson, Hawk Tolson, Anthony Martin, Brian Lavery, Richard Bates, Fernando Tempera and Jacqui Pearce)
8. Deep-Sea Fishing Impacts on the Shipwrecks of the English Channel & Western Approaches (Sean A. Kingsley)
9. HMS Victory, a First-Rate Navy Warship Lost in the English Channel, 1744. Preliminary Survey & Identification (Neil Cunningham Dobson and Sean A. Kingsley)
10. A Note on Human Remains from the Shipwreck of HMS Victory, 1744 (Neil Cunningham Dobson and Hawk Tolson)

Reviews & Quotes

"The writing is very vivid."

Current Archaeology (vol XXI, No. 3, 2010)

"A fascinating book... Anyone who watches the BBCs Antiques Roadshow will find this book, with its wide variety of artefacts depicted by excellent photography, fascinating.'"

Journal of the Royal Naval Sailing Association (Summer 2010)

"A fascinating book, and one that hopefully puts paid to the notion that commercial shipwreck archaeology cannot produce high-quality research results.'"
Tom King
Heritage Key, 10.10 (2010)

"A work which impresses, delights, surprises and confuses in equal measure... The underwater photography is superb, the large photomosaics (notably those used to indicate site-sampling locations) being particularly informative and clearly detailed.'"
Robert J. C. Mowat
Mariner's Mirror, 97.2 (2011)

"For the academic, researcher, historian, shipwreck buff, diver and ocean enthusiast Odyssey Marines two-volume set is indispensible. While the papers are scientific they are easy to read and fascinating. The photographs are amazing in fidelity and content. The information contained in the volumes would require years of research to find in scattered archives. The discoveries themselves are news of the century.'"
John Christopher Fine
The Epoch Times (Nov 2011)

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