The Archaeology of Underwater Caves [Paperback]

Peter B. Campbell(Editor)

ISBN: 9780992633677 | Published by: The Highfield Press | Year of Publication: 2017 | 250p, H11.69 x W8.26,
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The Archaeology of Underwater Caves


This is an edited volume drawing on the last sixty years of underwater cave research, the vast majority of which has never been published previously. Underwater caves are foreboding places, but they hold great potential for archaeology due to the excellent preservation of organic artifacts found in caves. Chapters are authored by the principle researchers responsible for the development of this emerging sub-field. The volume’s scope is international and spans the Paleolithic through the modern era. It will interest many archaeologists as it touches on human origins, sea level and climate change, ritual and religion, and subsistence in many different cultures. Fields outside archaeology, such as geology and paleo-environmental studies, will find aspects relevant to their research. With authors who have published popular books such as Dan Lenihan, Jean Clottes, and Nic Flemming, the book will interest divers and other members of the public as well.

Reviews & Quotes

"“The Archaeology of Underwater Caves provides an interesting overview of this specialized discipline, with consideration given both to past findings and future research potential… This text will primarily be of interest to archaeologists, historians, and speleologists who study caves and culture. Members of the cave-diving community may be interested in some of the applications of cave diving to scientific studies, especially among divers interested in cultivating a relationship with archaeologists investigating underwater caves.”"
Danny A. Brass
The Underground Movement (January 2018)

""Reading this volume makes one realize how necessary standard methodologies and techniques, and the research agendas that are offered in this volume, are to this discipline, and how this volume provides a necessary start towards bringing underwater cave archaeology to the wider attention it deserves.""

International Journal of Nautical Archaeology ()

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