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  1. Lost East Lothian

    Lost East Lothian [Paperback]

    Craig Statham(Author)


    ISBN: 9781912476954
    Published by : Origin
    East Lothian, a unitary authority area including the old county of Haddingtonshire, is one of Scotland's most historic places - John Knox was born in Haddington in the early years of the sixteenth century; important links were forged with the Low ... .... Learn More
  2. The Megalithic Architectures of Europe

    The Megalithic Architectures of Europe [Paperback]

    Luc Laporte(Editor); Christopher Scarre(Editor)

    Regular Price: $46.00

    Special Price: $34.50

    ISBN: 9781789258097
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    Megalithic monuments are among the most striking remains of the Neolithic period of northern and western Europe and are scattered across landscapes from Pomerania to Portugal. Antiquarians and archaeologists early recognized the family resemblance... .... Learn More
  3. Lost Country Houses of Norfolk

    Lost Country Houses of Norfolk: History, Archaeology and Myth [Paperback]

    Tom Williamson(Author); Ivan Ringwood(Author); Sarah Spooner(Author)


    ISBN: 9781783276998
    Published by : Boydell Press
    Winner of the general non-fiction category in the East Anglian Book Awards 2016.

    The country houses lost from the landscape since the late nineteenth century exercise a peculiar grip on the English imagination, seeming to symbolise the pa... .... Learn More
  4. Weston Park

    Weston Park: The House, the families and the influence [Hardback]

    Gareth Williams(Author)


    ISBN: 9781783276127
    Published by : Boydell Press
    - .... Learn More
  5. Neurocosmos

    Neurocosmos: Experiencing Architecture Through Body and Emotions [Paperback]

    Elisabetta Canepa(Author)


    ISBN: 9788869773785
    Published by : Mimesis International
    Series: Atmospheric Spaces
    This book intends to explore the atmospheric issue from an independent, architectural perspective. It is composed of two main sections. The first one introduces and analyzes the atmospheric concept inside the lexical scope of the architectural dis... .... Learn More
  6. The World of Stonehenge

    The World of Stonehenge [Hardback]

    Duncan Garrow(Author); Neil Wilkin(Author)


    ISBN: 9780714123493
    Published by : British Museum
    Stonehenge is one of the best known, but most misunderstood, monuments in the world. Contrary to common belief, it was not a static, unchanging structure built by shadowy figures or druids. Rather it represents the cumulative achievement of numero... .... Learn More
  7. St Paul's Cathedral

    St Paul's Cathedral: Archaeology and History [Paperback]

    John Schofield(Author)

    Regular Price: $49.99

    Special Price: $37.49

    ISBN: 9781789258059
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    This is the first volume concerned solely with the archaeology of a major late 17th century building in London, and the major changes it has undergone. St Paul's Cathedral in the City of London was built in 1675-1711 to the designs of Sir Christop... .... Learn More
  8. Secret Stories on the Silk Road

    Secret Stories on the Silk Road: Symbols, Architectures and Myths between Italy, the Middle East and China [Hardback]

    Alessandro Coscia(Author); Sergio Coppola(Photographer)


    ISBN: 9788869773396
    Published by : Mimesis International
    Series: Out of series
    The current volume represents a journey that takes the reader in different directions. The road it takes is sometimes the caravan trail, others a Roman road from the classical world, which can be taken in both directions, and includes junctions an... .... Learn More
  9. Drumlanrig

    Drumlanrig: The Castle, its People and its Paintings [Paperback]

    Richard Buccleuch(Author); Fritz von der Schulenburg(Photographer); John Montagu Douglas Scott(Editor)


    ISBN: 9780995756632
    Published by : Cornucopia Books/Caique Publishing
    Series: The Buccleuch Houses
    Volume: 1
    With its picturesque domes, walls of pale pink sandstone and splendid Dumfriesshire setting, Drumlanrig is one of Scotland’s most romantic castles, its story entwined with that of the country itself. Today’s castle was superimposed on ... .... Learn More
  10. Un Palazzo Fiorentino Attraverso i Secoli

    Un Palazzo Fiorentino Attraverso i Secoli [Hardback]

    Leonardo Ginori Lisci(Author); Silvio Balloni(Editor)


    ISBN: 9788859621188
    Published by : Edizioni Polistampa
    This volume outlines the history of Palazzo Ginori, an ancient Florentine residence, in the 500th anniversary of its construction – the mansion, built in the year 1520, has always been owned by the family that still lives there today –... .... Learn More

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