Glazed Brick Decoration in the Ancient Near East: Proceedings of a Workshop at the 11th International Congress of the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East (Munich) in April 2018 [Paperback]

Anja Fügert(Editor); Helen Gries(Editor)

ISBN: 9781789696059 | Published by: Archaeopress Archaeology | Year of Publication: 2020 | 130p, H11.5 x W8, 97 figures, 5 tables (61 color pages)
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Glazed Brick Decoration in the Ancient Near East


Glazed bricks applied as a new form of colourful and glossy architectural decor first started to appear in the early Iron Age on monumental buildings of the Ancient Near East. It surely impressed the spectators then as it does the museum visitors today. Glazed Brick Decoration in the Ancient Near East comprises the proceedings of a workshop held at the 11th International Congress of the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East (ICAANE) at Munich in April 2018, organised by the editors. Over the last decade excavations have supplied new evidence from glazed bricks that once decorated the facades of the Ancient Near East’s public buildings during the Iron Age (1000–539 BC) and especially significant progress has been achieved from revived work on glazed bricks excavated more than a century ago which today are kept in various museum collections worldwide. Since the latest summarising works on Ancient Near Eastern glazed architectural décors have been published several decades ago and in the meantime considerable insight into the subject has been gained, this volume aims to provide an updated overview of the development of glazed bricks and of the scientific research on the Iron Age glazes. Furthermore, it presents the on-going research on this topic and new insights into glazed bricks from Ashur, Nimrud, Khorsabad, and Babylon.

Table of Contents

Foreword and Acknowledgements

Chapter 1: ‘I had baked bricks glazed in lapis lazuli color’ ‒ A Brief History of Glazed Bricks in the Ancient Near East – Anja Fügert and Helen Gries

Chapter 2: Scientific Research on the Iron Age Glazes from Iran and Iraq: Past and Future – Parviz Holakooei

Chapter 3: The Reconstruction of the Glazed Brick Facades from Ashur in the Vorderasiatisches

Museum, Berlin (GlAssur Project) – Anja Fügert and Helen Gries

Chapter 4: Glazed Bricks by the Dozens: A Khorsabad Jigsaw Reassembled at the Louvre – Ariane Thomas

Chapter 5: Glazed Tiles from Nimrud and the Visual Narrative of Esarhaddon’s Egyptian Campaign – Manuela Lehmann and Nigel Tallis

Chapter 6: The Glazed Bricks that Ornamented Babylon ‒ A Short Overview – Olof Pedersén

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