Art and Archaeology in Israel and Neighbouring Countries [Hardback]

Asher Ovadiah(Author)

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ISBN: 9781899828470 | Published by: Pindar Press | Year of Publication: 2002 | Language: English 580p, 415 illus.
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Art and Archaeology in Israel and Neighbouring Countries


Asher Ovadiah is Professor of Art History at Tel Aviv University, and an authority on the Classical and Byzantine monuments of Israel. This selection of articles, published over the last twenty-five years, falls into four groups and is gathered around a number of common themes. A first group is concerned with the architecture of pagan temples, early churches, synagogues and a Roman theatre. A second deals with sculpture and reliefs, with the emphasis on iconography, style and symbolism, while a third group is concerned with mosaics in secular and religious contexts, with reference to the Classical heritage and anti-Classical trends, philosophical concepts and links with artistic centres. Finally, a fourth group treats the symbolic and allegorical significance of various works of art and Greek laudatory inscriptions.

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