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  1. Chinese Museums

    Chinese Museums: Strategies and Promotion of Contemporary Chinese Art [Paperback]

    Ornella De Nigris(Author)


    ISBN: 9788869771439
    Published by : Mimesis International
    Series: Art
    Over the last 30 years, the Chinese system of art museums has enjoyed an unprecedented pace of development. Following a general and ongoing renovation of China’s entire system of national art institutions, there has been an impressive prolif... .... Learn More
  2. Faber's Hub

    Faber's Hub: D.E.SY. Design-Oriented Strategies for Studios and House Museums [Paperback]

    Anna Mazzanti(Editor)


    ISBN: 9788869772634
    Published by : Mimesis International
    Series: Out of series
    The last few years have seen a growing interest in the conservation and enhancement of the working and living spaces of the faber: artists, designers and architects. They include both museums and private places that are waiting for fulfilling thei... .... Learn More
  3. Thinking Through Images

    Thinking Through Images: Narrative, rhythm, embodiment and landscape in the Nordic Bronze Age [Paperback]

    Christopher Tilley(Author)

    Regular Price: $55.00

    Special Price: $41.25

    ISBN: 9781789257014
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    Series: Swedish Rock Art Research Series
    Volume: 7
    This book provides a general self-reflexive review and critical analysis of Scandinavian rock art from the standpoint of Chris Tilley’s research in this area over the last thirty years. It offers a novel alternative theoretical perspective s... .... Learn More
  4. Retuning the Screen

    Retuning the Screen: Sound Methods and the Aural Dimension of Film and Media History [Paperback]

    Simone Dotto(Editor)


    ISBN: 9788869773310
    Published by : Mimesis International
    Series: History of Cinema
    Far from merely considering the aural ‘segments’ of audiovisual texts (i.e. the soundtrack) in terms of their expressive and artistic significance, or being concerned only with ‘audio’ and technologically mediated sound in ... .... Learn More
  5. The Gymnasium Area

    The Gymnasium Area: Sculpture [Hardback]

    Mary C. Sturgeon(Author)


    ISBN: 9780876610244
    Published by : American School of Classical Studies at Athens
    Series: Corinth
    Volume: XXIII.1
    Volume XXIII in the Corinth series is dedicated to the finds from the Gymnasium Area, excavated between 1965 and 1971 by James R. Wiseman and the University of Texas at Austin. Fascicle XXIII.1 presents the marble sculpture, 126 pieces dating betw... .... Learn More
  6. A Royal Renaissance Treasure and its Afterlives

    A Royal Renaissance Treasure and its Afterlives: The Royal Clock Salt [Paperback]

    Timothy Schroder(Editor); Dora Thornton(Editor)


    ISBN: 9780861592272
    Published by : British Museum
    Series: British Museum Research Publications
    Volume: 227
    At center stage in this volume is the Royal Clock Salt, an exceptional national treasure from the courtly culture of the Renaissance. Most probably made in Paris around 1530 by Pierre Mangot, the royal goldsmith to Francis I, the Clock Salt is som... .... Learn More
  7. The Beginnings of Art and Music

    The Beginnings of Art and Music: Ice Age Discoveries from the Caves of Southwestern Germany [Hardback]

    Nicholas J. Conard(Author); Claus-Joachim Kind(Author)


    ISBN: 9783935751339
    Published by : Kerns Verlag
    Series: Tübingen Publications in Prehistory
    Over 40,000 years ago modern Homo sapiens spread across the European continent. Archaeological finds attributed to these early human beings were produced on the Swabian Jura in Southwest Germany, especially in the caves of the Ach and Lone valleys... .... Learn More
  8. August Gaul

    August Gaul: Moderne Tiere [Paperback]

    Katharina Lee Chicester(Editor); Nina Zimmer(Editor)


    ISBN: 9783777436739
    Published by : Hirmer Verlag GmbH
    Kaum ein Thema hat in Zeiten ökologischer Neuorientierung eine solche Brisanz wie der Umgang der Menschen mit den Tieren. Gaul, ein Mitbegründer der Berliner Secession, erfasste in seinen formstrengen und die Körper nach Physis und ... .... Learn More
  9. Hans Purrmann

    Hans Purrmann [Hardback]

    Christoph Wagner(Author)


    ISBN: 9783943616774
    Published by : Hirmer Verlag GmbH
    Series: Junge Kunst
    Volume: 36
    Part of the secret of Hans Purrmann’s art is that in his work he translated the visible in a very specific and vibrant manner. With irrepressible curiosity, attentiveness and an unerring eye for beauty and the primal and essential, he produc... .... Learn More
  10. Lost East Lothian

    Lost East Lothian [Paperback]

    Craig Statham(Author)


    ISBN: 9781912476954
    Published by : Origin
    East Lothian, a unitary authority area including the old county of Haddingtonshire, is one of Scotland's most historic places - John Knox was born in Haddington in the early years of the sixteenth century; important links were forged with the Low ... .... Learn More

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