Mediaeval Inscriptions: The Epigraphy of the City of Oxford [Hardback]

Jerome Bertram(Commentaries By); Jerome Bertram(Commentary); Jerome Bertram(Compiler)

ISBN: 9780902509764 | Published by: Oxfordshire Record Society | Series: Oxfordshire Record Society | Volume: 74 | Year of Publication: 2020 | 305p, H9.25 x W6.25, 29 b/w.
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Mediaeval Inscriptions


Inscriptions made in the mediaeval city and university of Oxford have come down to us in many forms and types of material - stone, glass, wood, metal, paint, ceramics - even textiles. There are a variety of handwriting styles, andinscriptions were written in Latin, French, or English. Some can be seen in their original context, such as the church or chapel as the donor intended; others have been moved to new locations, often in order to protect and conserve them; others survive only in the notes and drawings of long-deceased antiquaries. Now, for the first time, the richness and variety of mediaeval Oxford's epigraphy are revealed in this comprehensive catalogue of inscriptions from the twelfth century to the mid-sixteenth. Each entry includes the type of artefact, the dimensions where known, the materials and type of lettering, a description, the text of the inscription (with a translation of non-Englishtext), a commentary and references to previous notices. There is a full scholarly introduction, a selection of illustrations, and a series of indices to facilitate use of the catalogue.
This is the first part of a two-volumework, the second of which covers the epigraphy of the mediaeval county of Oxfordshire.

The late Jerome Bertram was the leading authority of his generation on monumental brasses, indents and incised slabs; he was especially interested in epigraphy and had an impressive publication record on the topic. He died in 2019.

Table of Contents

Sources and Abbreviated Bibliography
Conventions followed in the Catalogue
List of Illustrations
The Catalogue

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