The Heritage of 'Maître Alpais': An International and Interdisciplinary Examination of Medieval Limoges Enamel and Associated Objects [Paperback]

Stefan Röhrs(Author); Susan La Niece(Editor); Stefan Röhrs(Editor); Bet McLeod(Editor)

ISBN: 9780861591824 | Published by: British Museum Press | Series: British Museum Research Publications | Volume: 182 | Year of Publication: 2010 | Language: English 62p, 60 col pls
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The Heritage of 'Maître Alpais'


Focusing on the differences and similarities between the renowned 'Alpais' Limoges ciborium, dated to c. 1200, in the Musée du Louvre, and examples in the British Museum, the National Museums of Scotland, together with two electrotype copies of the 'Alpais' ciborium in the Victoria and Albert Museum, this volume uses a cross-disciplinary approach, based on the differing specialisations of the authors (curators, scientists and conservators) to examine the group of ciboria. New and previously unpublished information, analyses and conclusions are presented that will serve to locate all the ciboria in their respective artistic and cultural context.

Table of Contents

Introduction (Bet McLeod and Stefan Röhrs)
A Ciborium in the British Museum (Bet McLeod)
The Vitreous Decoration of the British Museum Ciborium: The Scientific Analyses (Stefan Röhrs)
The British Museum Ciborium: Conservation and Scientific Study (Maickel van Bellegem and Susan La Niece)
Appendix: Analysis of accretions removed during conservation cleaning (Marei Hacke)
The Arabic Inscriptions on the Maître Alpais and the British Museum Ciboria (Venetia Porter)
L’iconographie du Ciboire de Maître Alpais: Nouveaux Points de Vue et Vieilles Questions (Élisabeth Antoine)
Le Ciboire de Maître Alpais: A Scientific Study at the C2RMF (Isabelle Biron, Thierry Borel and Dominique Bagault)
A Christofle Electrotype of the Medieval Maître Alpais Ciborium (Bet McLeod, Marian Campbell and Odile Nouvel)
Appendix: Scientific investigations into an electrotype copy of the Maître Alpais ciborium (Stephan Röhrs, Sophy Wills and Marei Hacke)
Electroforming: The Replication of Ancient Objects by Electrodeposition (Mike Neilson)
The Royal Scottish Museum Ciborium: a Major Acquisition in its Time (Virginia Glenn)
Technological Study of the Ciborium from the Collection of National Museums Scotland (Lore Troalen, Susan La Niece, Rose Lees and Jim Tate)
Appendix: Analysis of the vitreous materials of the National Museums Scotland ciborium (Stephan Röhrs)
The Heritage of ‘Maître Alpais’ – Concluding Remarks (Susan La Niece)

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