The British Navy in the Mediterranean [Hardback]

John D. Grainger(Author); John D Grainger(Author)

ISBN: 9781783272310 | Published by: Boydell Press | Year of Publication: 2017 | 322p, H9.25 x W6.25, 3 line.
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The British Navy in the Mediterranean


This book presents a comprehensive overview of the activities of the British navy in the Mediterranean Sea from the earliest times until the twentieth century. It traces developments from Anglo-Saxon times, through the Crusades,and to the seventeenth century, when the Barbary corsairs became a major problem. It outlines Britain's involvement in the wars of the long eighteenth century, when Britain obtained bases at Gibraltar, Minorca and Malta and repeatedly defeated the French and Spanish navies. It examines the navy's activities during the First and Second World Wars, when the Mediterranean was again of crucial strategic significance and a major theatre of war, and goes on toconsider Britain's withdrawal from the Mediterranean in the later twentieth century. Throughout, the book relates naval activity to patterns of trade, including the rise and decline of the Levant Company, and to wider international politics.

JOHN D. GRAINGER is the author of numerous books for a variety of publishers, including seven previously published books for Boydell and Brewer, including The British Navy in the Baltic, Dictionaryof British Naval Battles and The First Pacific War: Britain and Russia, 1854-56.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Sea and its Parts, and the Royal Navy
Prologue: The Crusades and After (1095 - c.1550)
The Levant Company and the Assaults on Cadiz (c.1550 - c.1600)
The Corsairs (c.1600 - 1660)
Tangier and Corsairs (1660 - 1690)
French Wars - I (1688 - 1713)
Conflicts with Spain (1713 - 1744)
French Wars - II (1744 - 1763)
Two Sieges (1763 - 1783)
French Wars - III (1783 - 1815)
Dominance (1815 - 1856)
Ottoman Problems (1856 - 1905)
Great War - I (1905 - 1923)
Great War - II (1923 - 1945)
Supersession (from 1945)

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