The Neolithic of Northern England in a New Light [Paperback]

Gill Hey(Editor); Paul Frodsham(Editor)

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The Neolithic of Northern England in a New Light


These papers highlight recent archaeological work in Northern England, in thecommercial, academic and community archaeology sectors, which have fundamentallychanged our perspective on the Neolithic of the area. Much of this was new work (andmuch is still not published) has been overlooked in the national discourse. It is worthnoting that this would be the first volume dedicated to the Neolithic of northernEngland since Neolithic Studies in No Man’s Land in 1996 and would complimentOxbow's volume Prehistory without borders, which focused on the Tyne-Forth areaover a wider time span.

The papers cover a wide geographical area, from Lancashire north into the ScottishLowlands, recognising the irrelevance of the England/Scotland Border. They also take abroad chronological sweep, from the Mesolithic/Neolithic transition to theintroduction of Beakers into the area. The key themes are: the nature of transition; theneed for a much-improved chronological framework; regional variation linked tolandscape character; links within northern England and with distant places; theimplications of new dating for our understanding ‘the axe trade; the changing natureof settlement and agriculture; the character early Neolithic enclosures; the need tointegrate rock art into wider discourse.

Table of Contents


Introduction - Paul Frodsham & Gill Hey

Langdale and the northern Neolithic - Richard Bradley & Aaron Watson

Mesolithic/Neolithic transitions at Stainton West on the River Eden - Fraser Brown

The last hunter of a wise race: Evidence for Neolithic practices in Northern Britain -

Seren Griffiths

A view from north of the border - Alison Sheridan

New lights on the Neolithic: a perspective from North East England - Clive Waddington

Out of the shadows: an emerging Neolithic in the Yorkshire Dales - Yvonne Luke

Recent work on the Neolithic landscapes of Cumbria and North Lancashire - Helen

Evans, Antony Dickson & Denise Druce

Recent work at Long Meg, Cumbria - Paul Frodsham

‘Weird and atypical, even degenerate’... or then again, maybe not? Early Neolithic

enclosures in the North - Alistair Oswald

Monumentality in Neolithic Britain: The Case of Southwest Scotland - Julian Thomas

The end of the Neolithic? Kirkhaugh and the earliest Bell Beakers in northern England -

Andrew Fitzpatrick & Paul Frodsham

Documenting British rock art: a review of the ‘big picture’ - Kate Sharpe

Street House in the Neolithic period - Stephen Sherlock

Two newly-identified possible ‘hengiform’ monuments in the North Pennines - Stewart

Ainsworth, David McOmish, Al Oswald and Andrew Payne

Conclusions - Richard Bradley

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