Butrint 7: Beyond Butrint: Kalivo, Çuka e Aitoit and their surroundings: Surveys and Excavations by the Italian Archaeological Mission, the Albanian Institute of Archaeology and the Butrint Foundation, 1928–2015 [Hardback]

Richard Hodges(Editor)

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ISBN: 9781789254334 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Series: Butrint Archaeological Monographs | Volume: 7 | Year of Publication: 2021 | 224p, H11.8 x W8.3, b/w
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Butrint 7


This volume brings together a collection of reports and essays pertaining to the Butrint Foundation project at Butrint, Albania. It includes unpublished archive reports discovered in Rome and Tirana, commentaries on their methodology and history, as well as several new fieldwork reports arising from research made or supported by the Butrint Foundation. Together with other volumes published in the Butrint Foundation series, it makes this Adriatic Sea port and its hinterland one of the most intensively published coastal littorals in the Mediterranean region, the so-called Corrupting Sea.

Table of Contents

An introduction to archaeological fieldwork beyond Butrint.

A short essay on the first assessment of the archaeology in this area by S.S. Clarke in 1922, by Richard Hodges.

Unpublished archive reports by the head of the Italian Archaeological Mission in the 1920s and 1930s, Luigi Maria Ugolini, on the Iron Age fortress of Kalivo and the Hellenistic fortified peak site of Çuka e Aitoit (Eagle Mountain).

Unpublished archive reports by Selim Islami of his excavations at Çuka e Aitoit with the Soviet Archaeological mission in 1959.

Commentaries on the Italian and Soviet-Albanian missions by Oliver Gilkes.

A report on the Butrint Foundation’s survey and excavations of Kalivo by Andrew Crowson.

A report on a geophysical survey and archaeological soundings at the Venetian Triangular castle on the Vrina Plain by Oliver Gilkes, David Bescoby and Ilir Parangoni

A report on the survey of S. Dimitri and the search for the Venetian settlement of Zarapulo (beyond the Vrina Plain) by Ilir Parangoni

An interim report on the excavations at Mursi of a late prehistoric and Hellenistic site by David Hernandez

Beyond Butrint, a summary essay on surveys made in the hinterland of the Graeco-Roman port by Richard Hodges

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