Current Research in Egyptology 2003: Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Symposium [Paperback]

Kathryn Piquette(Author); Serena Love(Author)

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Current Research in Egyptology 2003


The fourth annual Current Research in Egyptology Symposium (CRE 2003) was held on 18-19 January 2003, at the Institute of Archaeology, UCL, and brought together graduate students of Egyptology from a range of institutions. In total, 27 papers were presented, 13 of which are published here. These illustrate a range of subject areas and approaches; an underlying theme, though, is apparent; a greater degree of reflexivity and a wider engagement with interdisciplinary research.

Table of Contents

Symposium papers not included in this volume
Symposium Introductory Address (Professor Harry Smith)
A Previously Unpublished Contract of Sale from Memphis (Maria Cannata)
Behind the Corn-Mummies (Maria Constanza Centrone)
The Lisbon Mummy Project: The employment of non-destructive methods in mummy studies (Alvaro Figueiredo)
Plying the Nile: Not all plain sailing (Angus Graham)
The Spitting Goddess and the Stony Eye: Divinity and flint in Pharaonic Egypt (Carolyn A. Graves-Brown)
From the Cradle to the Grave: Anthropoid busts and ancestor cults at Deir el-Medina (Nicola Harrington)
Iaau and the Question of the Origin of Evil According to Ancient Egyptian Sources (Mpay Kempoly)
Flower Arranging in Ancient Egypt? A new approach to archaeobotanical remains (Sally McAleely)
A Kushite Temple in a Western Oasis? (Hironao Onishi)
Bifacial Technology, Socioeconomic Competition, Early Farming and Herding in the Fayum (Noriyuki Shirai)
Royal Funerary Cults During the Old Kingdom (Yayoi Shira)
Abusir South at the End of the Old Kingdom (Petra Vlckova)
The Festival Calendar at Deir el-Medina (Heidi Wikgren)

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