Current Research in Egyptology 2004: Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Symposium [Paperback]

Rachael J. Dann(Author)

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Current Research in Egyptology 2004


The fifth annual Current Research in Egyptology Symposium was held in January 2004, at the University of Durham. The conference offers the majority of postgraduates researching Egyptology their first opportunity to present academic work to their peers, and to receive critical feedback. An interesting development in the direction of research in this volume is the emphasis on aspects of identity and individuality.

Table of Contents

Egyptology beyond philology: Agency, identity and the individual in ancient Egyptian texts (Y E Balbaligo)
Choosing the burial place for corn-mummies: A random selection? (Maria Costanza Centrone)
Creative Writing in Ptolemy II's Time: Texts from the Temple of Isis at Philae (Filip Coppens)
Interpreting Ancient Nubia (Rachael J Dann)
The Senior Scribe Ramose (1) and the cult of the king: A social and historical reading of some private votive stelae from Deir el Medina in the reign of Ramesses II (Karen Exell)
Flint and Life Crises in Pharaonic Egypt (Carolyn A Graves-Brown)
Literature, Transmission, and the Late Egyptian Miscellanies (Fredrik Hagen)
Tut'Ankhamun's Body Armour: Materials, Construction, and the Implications for the Military Industry (Thomas Hulit)
Abusir in the New Kingdom. Current Research by the Czech Institute for Egyptology (Jana Mynárová)
Ritual Landscapes in the Coffin Texts - A cognitive mapping approach (Peter Robinson)
Choice of Vocabularies: Wordplay in Ancient Egypt (Emi Shirakawa)
The Kahun Papyrus in Context: The 'Floating Uterus' (Rachel Rodabaugh Suvorov)
Looking at Diet in Predynastic Egypt Through Stable Isotope Analysis (Alexandra Thompson)

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