Discussions in Egyptology 42 [Paperback]

Alessandra Nibbi(Author)

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ISBN: 9999999938459 | Published by: Discussions in Egyptology | Series: Discussions in Egyptology | Volume: 42 | Year of Publication: 1998 | 154p,
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Discussions in Egyptology 42


Includes articles and book reviews on many different aspects of Egyptian history and antiquity. Included in this volume: 'On the presence of the wild dog in ancient Egyptian iconography' (A Bianchi); 'notes on the so-called M of predication' (T.S. El-Din); 'Comparative evidence for the Egyptian vulture signs as lateral L' (M. Garba); 'Madja sources in the Old Kingdom' (S. Giuliani); 'A medical title' (M.I. Hussein); 'Is the mummy "Tuthmosis I" really Hatshepsut?'; (M. Luban); 'Hungersnöte in der Ersten Zwischenzeit zwischen Topos und Realität' (L.D. Morenz); 'Remarks on some assumptions concerning ancient Egypt and the sea' (A. Nibbi); 'A tale of two brothers and the pomegranate' (R. Park).

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