Greek Ostraka from Kellis [Hardback]

Colin A. Hope(Author); K. A. Worp(Author)

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ISBN: 9781842171288 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Series: Dakhleh Oasis Project Monograph | Volume: 13 | Year of Publication: 2004 | Language: Greek, Ancient (to 1453) 240p, H11.69 x W8.26, plus 46 pages of photo. The photos are also reproduced on a CD.
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Greek Ostraka from Kellis


This volume publishes 293 texts inscribed in Greek on potsherds excavated at Ismant el-Kharab, Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt. These texts date from the 2nd - 4th centuries AD, and they contain documentary evidence for a wide range of subjects such as taxation (in the form of tax receipts), private letters, lists and accounts, contracts, memoranda, school texts, and astrologica. The volume includes texts, translations, and commentaries for each ostrakon, as well as comprehensive indices and concordances. It also includes a chapter on the archaeology of Ismant el-Kharab and the context of the ostraka by Colin A Hope.

Reviews & Quotes

"The book is well produced, with no typographical errors that I could
find. The layout of the texts, translations, and commentaries is clear
and makes the Greek easy to follow, and a wealth of headings and
subheadings makes it almost impossible to get lost. The table of
contents, introduction, and indices make it easy to find what one is
looking for, and the binding is made to last. This last is important,
because this edition of the Kellis ostraca will be consulted regularly
for many years to come.'
Eleanor Dickey
Bryn Mawr Classical Review (2005)

"Worp is to be thanked for the meticulous work he has done, and his lavish edition of The Greek Ostraka from Kellis will serve as one of the standard tools for the study of ostraca in general'"
Thomas J Kraus
Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists (2006)

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