Neolithic Revolution: New perspectives on Southwest Asia in light of recent discoveries on Cyprus [Hardback]

Edgar Peltenberg(Author); Alexander Wasse(Author)

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ISBN: 9781842171325 | Published by: Council for British Research in the Levant | Series: Levant Supplementary Series | Volume: 1 | Year of Publication: 2004 | Language: English 208p, b/w illus
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Neolithic Revolution


The move towards a sedentary way of life had a profound effect on the human way of life: the development of complex societies can be directly attributed to the beginnings of farming in place of a nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle. When Gordon Childe coined the term 'Neolithic revolution' he meant it to reflect these vast changes that had occurred in the near east. This book extends the reach of these changes to include Cyprus, presenting new evidence that shows that the island played host to settled farming communities at the same time as the mainland, pushing its habitation back by 2000 years.

Reviews & Quotes

"this publication makes an invaluable contribution to the earlier prehistoric archaeology of Cyprus and the Levant.'"
Paula Louise Jones
Antiquity (79, 2005)

"Neolithic Revolution opens the way for archaeologists of both Cypriot and southwest Asian prehistory to think about the island as part of a much wider cultural sphere....the first of a number of volumes that have begun to change the way in which we view the prehistory of Cyprus and southwest Asia, and many more will no doubt follow.'"
Joanne Clarke
American Journal of Archaeology Online Book Review (October 2007)

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