The Art of Siege Warfare and Military Architecture from the Classical World to the Middle Ages [Paperback]

Michael Eisenberg(Editor); Rabei Khamisy(Editor)

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ISBN: 9781789254068 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Year of Publication: 2020 | Language: English 288p, b/w and color
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The Art of Siege Warfare and Military Architecture from the Classical World to the Middle Ages


The papers in this book present, for the first time, the world of warfare, both defensive and offensive, from the Classical periods to end of the Middle Ages in one collection. These scholarships have attracted ancient writers and generals and nowadays historians, archaeologists and researchers poliorcetics. Military historiography and ancient manuals are well familiar from the Classical period throughout the Hellenistic great battlefields until the end of the Middle Ages, the chronological scope of this codex.

The current book is the first to encompass this long array of time while trying to enrich the reader with the continuity, development and regression in the different periods and spheres of the ancient poliorcetics and beyond; the papers presented here are focusing on the physical fortifications, besieging and defense techniques, development and efficiency of ancient projectiles and sieging machinery, battlefields and the historiographical evidence. The X papers of the book are written by some of the best scholars in their field, presenting here for the first time the results of their research, in the west and in the east.

Table of Contents

1 The Extraordinary Roman Military Presence in Iudaea from 70 CE till the Third Century

2 Fighting the Enemy: Some Thoughts on Appropriate Means and Methods

3 From Military Architecture to Monumental Construction during the Roman Period at Antiochia Hippos

4 Fortified Villages in the Frankish period

5 Title TBC

6 Medieval siege and individual heroic acts in the representation of warfare in the late middle ages

7 Windows and shutters at the towers of Messene

8 Countermeasures: the destruction of Siege Equipment at Acre, 1189-1191

9 From public space to private space. Trends of development and function change of citygates in Pamphylia/Turkey

10 The Fort and Settlement of Larisa East (Buruncuk) as Representative of a Multi-Centered Defense System in Classical Asia Minor

11 Strategy versus Representation? The late Classical city wall of Messene

12 ‘What a Knight he would Make, were he only a Christian!’; Crusader Depictions of the Worthy Muslim Knight

13 The Hospitaller castle of Belvoir: defensive architecture under siege (12th c.)

14 The Starting Point of the Imperial Roads in Jerusalem

15 Reconstructing the Walls of Medieval Banias (12th-13th c.)

16 Regional fortifications in the chora of Hippos-Sussita

17 Gitana and Pyrgos Ragiou, two Epirote fortified sites

18 A Siege Wall and the Nabatean Fortified City of Mudayna as-Saliya in Eastern Moab

19 Fortifications of Nicaea: The defensive features of a 3rd century rampart and their transformation throughout history

20 Dig for Victory! Competitive Fieldwork in Classical Siege Operations

21 The Hellenistic fortification of Seukeia Gadara (Umm Qays, Jordan) – from, function and origin of the military architecture in southern Koile Syria

22 Greek fortifications in Thrace, 5th c. – 2nd c. BCE: an historical reappraisal

23 ‘Contra multitudinem Ruthenorum armatorum’: The Russo-Livonian Battle of Lake Smolino (1502) Reconsidered.

24 The Silent Witness Speaks: When Topography Contradicts Documental Evidence

25 The layout of a late classical fortress in Eastern Sicily: the military outpost on Monte Turcisi (CT)

26 Protecting sea approaches and escape lifeline of Crusader castles – fortifications against longshore raids in the shallows

27 Fortifying a Buffer State. The historical Development of the City walls in Triphylia (Greece)

28 Hellenistic linen corslets from Macedonia, Northern Greece

29 Excavating the fortification walls of Vergina, Northern Greece

30 Caesarea Maritima Fortifications: From the Time of Herod the Great till Late Antiquity

31 Securing the hostile hinterland. The Roman fort at Gračine and the defences of Narona

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