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  1. Farmer's Boy

    Farmer's Boy [Paperback]

    John Robertson Allan(Author); Douglas Percy Bliss(Illustrator)


    ISBN: 9781912476718
    Published by : Origin
    Imagine eleven fields grouped around the houses, one hundred and eighty-six gently brae-set acres, sloping away to the south and west. And then imagine woods and fields stretching far and far along the valley into the blue mists of a summer aftern... .... Learn More
  2. The Hired Lad

    The Hired Lad [Paperback]

    Ian Campbell Thomson(Author)


    ISBN: 9781912476701
    Published by : Origin
    Ian Campbell Thomson relives his time as a young farmworker on a Stirlingshire farm after the Second World War. It is a touching coming-of-age tale as the author makes new friends and experiences romance while finding his own way in an ever-changi... .... Learn More
  3. Alexander III, 1249-1286

    Alexander III, 1249-1286: First Among Equals [Hardback]

    Norman H. Reid(Author)


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    ISBN: 9781910900222
    Published by : John Donald
    Winner of the Saltire Society Scottish History Book of the Year 2019

    Presiding over an age of relative peace and prosperity, Alexander III represented the zenith of Scottish medieval kingship. The events which followed his early and unexp... .... Learn More
  4. The Horsieman

    The Horsieman: Memories of a Traveller 1928-58 [Paperback]

    Duncan Williamson(Author)


    ISBN: 9781912476404
    Published by : Origin
    Duncan Williamson was the son, grandson and great grandson of nomadic tinsmiths, basket makers, pipers and storytellers. In this book, he describes his life as a traveller with verve, candour and intimacy, recounting a childhood spent on the shore... .... Learn More
  5. The Long Horizon

    The Long Horizon [Paperback]

    Iain R. Thomson(Author)


    ISBN: 9781912476572
    Published by : Origin
    The Long Horizon is an extraordinary book. Much more than simply the chronicle of a life spent farming in the Scottish Highlands, it is also a wonderful collection of stories, both factual and fictional, which reflect the changes that have revolut... .... Learn More
  6. Island Going

    Island Going [Paperback]

    Robert Atkinson(Author); Hamish Haswell-Smith(Introduction)


    ISBN: 9781912476428
    Published by : Origin
    In July 1935, Robert Atkinson and John Ainslie set out on an ornithological search for the rare Leach's Fork-tailed Petrel. Their quest was to last for twelve years and took them from their Oxford base to many of the remote and often deserted isla... .... Learn More
  7. Sigmund Freud und sein Buch, Der Mann Moses

    Sigmund Freud und sein Buch, Der Mann Moses: Eine kritische Würdigung aus ägyptologischer und anthropologischer Sicht [Paperback]

    Rolf Krauss(Author)


    ISBN: 9781906137649
    Published by : Golden House Publications
    Series: Internet-Beiträge zur Ägyptologie und Sudanarchäologie
    Volume: 22
    Freud’s study about Moses and monotheistic religion combined Egyptology and anthropology in a critical analysis of the biblical faith. This book reviews the Egyptological and anthropological bases of Freud’s arguments. There is also a ... .... Learn More
  8. Fernando Pessoa

    Fernando Pessoa: A Quasi Memoir [Paperback]

    José Paulo Cavalcanti(Author)


    ISBN: 9788869771811
    Published by : Mimesis International
    Series: Literature
    Writing a biography about Pessoa is a seemingly impossible task. The great Portuguese poet did not have just one life, but his existence virtually exploded in over a hundred different personalities. Only by placing oneself close to Pessoa, only by... .... Learn More
  9. Jay

    Jay: European Connections of a Bronze Age Scholar [Hardback]

    H. Steegstra()


    ISBN: 9789492444578
    Published by : Barkhuis
    The archaeologist and Bronze Age metal specialist Dr Jay J. Butler (1921-2014) was a kind, warmhearted man, averse to hype and ostentation, who was happy to share his knowledge in non-academic language both with professionals and interested amateu... .... Learn More
  10. Stamboul Ghosts

    Stamboul Ghosts: A Stroll Through Bohemian Istanbul [Hardback]

    John Freely(Author); Andrew Finkel(Introduction); Maureen Freely(Other); Ara Güler(Illustrator)


    ISBN: 9780956594884
    Published by : Cornucopia Books/Caique Publishing
    The Irish-American physicist, academic and traveler John Freely wrote more than sixty lively books on travel, history and science before he died in 2017, aged 90. But It was Istanbul, where he emigrated with his family in 1960 to take up a post te... .... Learn More

Items 41 to 50 of 92 total

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