Not Just in Time: The Story of Kronos Incorporated, from Concept to Global Entity [Hardback]

Mark Ain(Author); Jim Floyd(Author)

ISBN: 9781648250378 | Published by: University of Rochester Press | Series: Meliora Press | Volume: 33 | Year of Publication: 2022 | 192p, H9 x W6, 20 color illus. plus 1 chart (2 figures)
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Not Just in Time


This book recounts a success story rooted in one individual's desire to embrace his entrepreneurial spirit and forge his own company. Mark Ain led Kronos Incorporated from concept to the basements and garages of its early core team to a soot-filled ironworks foundry, and from there to its eventual role as a multi-billion-dollar global leader in an industry it refined, then redefined, and ultimately led. The story of Mark Ain and Kronos holds inspiration and insight for any aspiring entrepreneur.
The tale starts not in a boardroom, but with Mark's early upbringing, where his adventurous spirit and fearless nature readied him to be both a risk-taking business pioneer and a leader who recognized the need to take a nontraditional approach to team building, prioritizing fit over resumes and potential over past accomplishments. The result was a company that could and would truly stand the test of time.
His guiding philosophy of "If it isn't broke, fix it anyway!" applied in equal measure to the products and solutions Kronos provided to its ever-expanding customer base and to the way the company was structured and operated to consistently reinvest in its employees.
Kronos, today known as the Ultimate Kronos Group, is now a multi-billion-dollar global organization of almost 13,000 employees. And Mark, the epitome of a triumphant business creator, has decided the time is right to share his own experiences to inspire a next generation of like-minded visionaries.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Duncan Moore and Mark Zupan
Chapter 1: Growing Up Ain
Chapter 2: An Educational Odyssey
Chapter 3: Working Up to an Idea
Chapter 4: Taking the Reins/Saddling Up
Chapter 5: The Company You Keep
Chapter 6: When the Time Was Right
Chapter 7: Teaming Up for the Long Haul
Chapter 8: Wind in the Sales
Chapter 9: The Giant Paid Them No Heed . . .
Chapter 10: Solving a Big Problem
Chapter 11: Another Tall Order
Chapter 12: Espousing the Virtues
Chapter 13: Fired Up
Chapter 14: The 'Plastics' of the 1980s
Chapter 15: Growth Was in the Cards
Chapter 16: Go Ask Alice!
Chapter 17: Sweet Melody
Chapter 18: The Disruptor
Chapter 19: Accentuate the Positive
Chapter 20: Back to the Present
Chapter 21: What Would You Do?
Chapter 22: Words from the Heart
Chapter 23: The Foundation

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