Clap Hands for the Singing Molecatcher: Scenes from a Scottish Childhood [Paperback]

Roderick Grant(Author)

ISBN: 9781912476688 | Published by: Origin | Year of Publication: 2019 | 176p, H7.85 x W5.1,
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Clap Hands for the Singing Molecatcher


Clap Hands for the Singing Molecatcher is both hilarious and deeply moving in its splendid account of the writer’s childhood on a remote country estate in Morayshire in the 1940s and 1950s; a place where isolated hill farms, limitless moorland and the rock-strewn banks of wild, tumbling rivers became the backdrop for a variety of adventures and experiences. Laughter, tragedy and dramatic incident thread their way through the life of a growing boy and the lives of the people he observes.

Roderick Grant’s book is not merely one of nostalgic recall. It is a richly evocative memoir of a time and place when horses still drew ploughs and children walked seven miles or more each day to reach their school; and where shepherd and gamekeeper, farmer and labourer, forester, railway worker, teacher, laird and minister, and their families, were all part of a community, close-knit in its isolation from the changing post-war world.

Reviews & Quotes

"a detailed, loving and always interesting recollection of an adventurous Scottish childhood, refreshingly honest about the dawn of sexual awareness' "
Angus MacVicar

"Absolutely fascinating ... beautifully written'"

BBC ()

"Beg, borrow or buy a copy today, I promise that you will be entranced'"

Nairnshire Telegraph ()

"Evocative and lively'"

Scots Magazine ()

"I was captivated . . . Grant’s evocative style, with humour never far away, recalls H.E. Bates and the best of his country writing'"
Sue Baker

"Vividly paints the sights, smells, events and characters of rural Scotland in such a comedic way that it is hard not to laugh out loud'"

Press & Journal ()

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