The Macedonians in Athens, 322-229 B.C.: Proceedings of an International Conference held at the University of Athens, May 24-26, 2001 [Paperback]

Olga Palagia(Author); Stephen V. Tracy(Author)

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The Macedonians in Athens, 322-229 B.C.


For a century following the end of the Lamian War in 322 B.C., Athens' harbour at Pireus was almost constantly occupied by a Macedonian garrison. The Macedonian presence dealt a crucial blow to Athenian independence and Athenian democracy, initiating the first in a long and intermittent series of foreign occupations. The twenty-eight papers in this volume are based on an international conference hosted by the University of Athens in May 2001, and focus on various aspects of Athenian art, archaeology and history in the century of Macedonian domination. They consider Athens' new role as a political stepping stone for potential Successors to the throne of Macedon - Cassander, Demetrios Poliorketes and Antigonos Gonatas were each able to secure Macedonia by using Athens as a power base - and the ways in which Athenian culture was affected by the Macedonian presence. They contribute to the ongoing debate about the reasons for the Macedonian ascendancy, the degree of independence accorded Athens by their Macedonian overlords, the third-century archon list, and changes in Athenian art and architecture.

Table of Contents

Occupation and co-existence: the impact of Macedon on Athens, 323-307 (Peter Green)
Plutarch's Phocion: melodrama of mob and elite in occupied Athens (Robert Lamberton)
Why did Athens lose the Lamian War? (Brian Bosworth)
Antipater and Athens (Elizabeth Baynham)
Lamia and the Besieger: an Athenian hetaera and a Macedonian king (Patrick Wheatley)
Aristotle and Alexander: on the gradual deterioration of their relationship (Emmanuel Microyannakis)
Oligarchy at Athens after the Lamian War: epigraphic evidence for the Boule and the Ekklesia (Graham J. Oliver)
Athens after the Chremonidean War: some second thoughts (Christian Habicht)
Antigonos Gonatas, King of Athens (Stephen V. Tracy)
The date and context of divine honours for Antigonos Gonatas - a suggestion (Ioanna Kralli)
Shadowland: Athens under Antigonos Gonatas and his successor (Michael J. Osborne)
Macedonians at Eleusis in the early third century (Kevin Clinton)
Macedonians and anti-Macedonians in early Hellenistic Athens: reflections on 'asebeia' (Manuela Mari)
The Philippeion and fourth-century Athenian architecture (Rhys F. Townsend)
Athens and Macedonian royalty on Samothrace: the Pentelic connection (Bonna D. Wescoat)
Athenian anti-Macedonian sentiment and democratic ideology in Attic document reliefts in the second half of the fourth century B.C. (Carol L. Lawton)
Paratereseis sta attika anathematika anaglupha tou usterou 4ou kai proimou 3ou ai. p.X (in Greek) (Iphigeneia Leventi)
The impact of Ares Macedon on Athenian sculpture (Olga Palagia)
Cape Sounion and the Macedonian occupation (Hans R. Goette)
Macedonian dedications on the Akropolis (Petros Themelis)
Tradition and innovation: portraits and dedications on the early Hellenistic Akropolis (Ralf von den Hoff)
Kephisodotos the Younger (Peter Schultz)
Liberation honours: Athenian monumnets from Antigonid victories in their immediate and broader contexts (Thomas M. Brogan)
The evidence of Athenian coins (John H. Kroll)
Minima macedonica (Susan I. Rotroff)
Gilded pottery and golden jewellery (Dyfri Williams)
Allusions to mythological sites in Macedonia in the vase-painting of the late fourth century B.C., the satirical drama and Aristotle (Stephi Korti-Konti)
Panathenaic Games and Panathenaic amphorae under Macedonian rule (Judith M. Barringer)
Index Locorum

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"Lavishly produced and the plates and illustrations are of excellent quality. Certainly anyone working on hellenistic history, or teaching it, will benefit greatly from all the papers, many of which make important contributions to our knowledge and understanding of this complex and confusing period."

Bryn Mawr Classical Review (7-2004)

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