Travel, Geography and Culture in Ancient Greece, Egypt and the Near East [Paperback]

Jim Roy(Editor); Colin Adams(Editor)

ISBN: 9781785705502 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Series: Leicester Nottingham Studies in Ancient Society | Volume: 10 | Year of Publication: 2016 | Language: English 160p, H9.5 x W6.7,
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Travel, Geography and Culture in Ancient Greece, Egypt and the Near East


This collection of essays looks beyond the focus of existing works on ancient travel and its documentation, to examine its social and cultural implications. For travel (and the reasons behind it) offers a window on to many features of ancient societies - sense of place, perceptions of space, administration, relations with foreign powers, engagement with other cultures, and representation of homelands. Also of import is the study of ancient geographical knowledge, as well as ancient travel writing (an increasingly popular genre today), its popularity and purpose. All of the papers presented here show that ancient travel was considerably more widespread than is often assumed.

Table of Contents

List of contributors
List of figures
Introduction (Colin Adams)
Travel in third and second millennium Egypt (John Baines)
Egyptians abroad in the Late Period (Alan Lloyd)
The place of geography in Herodotus' Histories (Thomas Harrison)
Xenophon's Anabastis as a traveller's memoir (Jim Roy)
Travelling by land in ancient Greece (Yanis Pikoulas)
The representation of means of transport on reliefs in the collection of the National Archaeological Museum in Athens (Eleni Kourinou)
Pausanias in Arkadia: An example of of cultural tourism (Madeleine Jost)
Greek intellectuals on the move: Travel and Paideia in the Roman Empire (Maria Pretzler)
Travel in the Greek novels: Function and interpretation (John Morgan)
'Travel narrows the mind': Cultural tourism in Graeco-Roman Egypt (Colin Adams)
Landscapes and identity in the mosaics of Antioch (Zarha Newby)

Reviews & Quotes

"handsome and well-illustrated'"
John Taylor
Anglo-Hellenic Review (2008)

"...this is an interesting and helpful collection of studies that touch on many different aspects of travel in the ancient world.'"
Jonathan Burgess
H-Travel (September 2010)

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